An Additive Manufacturing Market Client Maximized Revenue Flow and Realized Savings of Over €3.8 Million: Read the complete success story from Infiniti Research for detailed insights

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An Additive Manufacturing Market Client Maximized Revenue Flow and Realized Savings of Over €3.8 Million. (Graphic: Business Wire)

An Additive Manufacturing Market Client Maximized Revenue Flow and Realized Savings of Over €3.8 Million. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“The global additive manufacturing industry is expected to witness substantial growth through 2022, owing to the increasing developments in additive manufacturing technologies, “says a manufacturing industry expert at Infiniti Research.

The rising investments into R&D, coupled with the introduction of new combinations of printing materials are expected to spur the development of new equipment and applications, thereby bolstering the growth of the additive manufacturing market. On the flip side, the high cost involved in implementing additive manufacturing machines, lack of skill required for mass production, and unavailability of suitable materials for production are expected to hinder the additive manufacturing market growth.

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Infiniti’s client, an additive manufacturing firm, based out of Spain faced challenges in meeting the upfront capital expenditures for machines and facilities necessary to support additive manufacturing. Some of the other key challenges that Infiniti helped the client address includes:

  • Difficulties in ensuring consistent quality and reliability of products produced through additive manufacturing techniques.
  • Technological constraints in terms of materials, process implementation, post-processing, and quality assurance
  • Digital threats across each stage of the design and manufacturing process
  • Shortage of well-trained and skilled technicians familiar with additive manufacturing technology
  • Rigid adherence of engineers to establish design principles

Read the complete success story for more insights into our approach and the key results obtained.

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