More Than 50% of US Home Water Tests Exceed Contaminant Health Goal

BERKELEY, Calif., May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SimpleLab today announced general access to its consumer testing platform where anyone can now obtain fast, easy, and actionable home water testing of more than 500 waterborne contaminants along with unbiased filtration recommendations. The company also announced its first round of funding from Craft Ventures (San Francisco), Spring Point Partners (Washington D.C.), and Mazarine Ventures (Chicago).

"Tap Score Reports empower anyone to diagnose water quality issues and identify solutions for health, taste and plumbing improvements. Report results highlight potential risks and give unbiased suggestions for treatment. So far, results have been surprising," said Johnny Pujol, co-founder/CEO of SimpleLab. "More than 50% of those who've tested have found at least one contaminant above the federal maximum contaminant level goal. Perhaps most importantly, nearly all problems are solved with simple, targeted filtration-- tap water quality can be as good or better than bottled water!"

"We've now been testing water quality directly at residential and commercial taps for two years. Results have uncovered various exposures to health risks and taste issues," continued Pujol. "Along the way, we've also been evaluating the real-world performance of water filtration products."

SimpleLab was founded in 2017 to improve people's lives by providing direct access to cutting-edge environmental testing. Tap Score kits are available from where consumers choose among preset or custom testing packages. With your order, you receive professional sampling materials, clear instructions and prepaid shipping back to a certified lab. Within 4 days you get your Tap Score Report by email along with unbiased recommendations and online support from professional water treatment engineers.

Pujol added, "Americans have been told bottled water is the antidote to their concerns about tap water. While bottled water may seem like a good idea, it's largely unregulated and contributes to the ongoing single-use plastics pandemic. With personalized testing and filtration advice, your tap water can easily be better than bottled water at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact."

Tap Score gives people the tools to easily measure and dramatically improve the quality of water coming out of their tap. Wirecutter just named Tap Score 'The Best Water Test Kit for Your Home.' For more information, contact

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