New Study Shows Government Representatives Lagging in Voter Confidence

MIAMI, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Epluribus LLC, the developers of the MOXY(TM) online social ecosystem released a new study showing that elected officials leave much to be desired when it comes to imparting confidence in representing voters' issues. Ranking even lower is voters' comfort level with how campaigns are financed. Massive turnout is expected, with 93 percent of respondents indicating they would vote in the upcoming 2020 general election compared to 84 percent having voted in the 2016 general election. Clearly the top issues of concern are Healthcare along with Jobs and the Economy.

The study, titled "Democracy in the 21(st) Century" measures American Voter Issues and Concerns about their Government through a geo-demographically stratified sample of over 1,000 eligible voters across the United States. The survey sample carefully balanced age groups, ethnicity/race and regions to reflect accurately the American population at a 95% confidence level with only a 3% margin of error.

Also prominent among the results is that eligible voters want information and engagement from their representatives in a more contemporary manner. For example, the top choice for engagement methods measured is "Live Streaming Video" and also noted prominently were Online Interactive Forums and Podcasts - among other more traditional communication methods such as Reports, Speeches and In-person Town Hall Meetings.

When asked "What can your elected officials do to increase your confidence?" the top response was "Transparency (tell it like it is)" followed by "Fight for issues important to me and my family" and "Integrity (non-corruption)." When rating confidence in their political representatives, respondents were surprisingly compassionate, rating their representatives three out of five, a slightly lower score was achieved in response to "How well do you feel your elected representative understands your concerns."

On the subject of Campaign Finance, respondents tended to lack comfort with how the current system works. To the question "How comfortable are you with the way political campaigns are funded?" eligible voters responded with an average score of 2.6 out of 5.0.

"In this day and age of public concern across an array of subjects, this study brings actionable insights to our elected representatives on how they can better engage the constituents who elected them," stresses Epluribus Founder & CEO, C├ęsar M Melgoza. The survey was fielded in the crux of the COVID-19 crisis - late March and early April - and reflects the urgency with which voters yearn for political leadership.

Other data points collected include voter activity, party affiliation and key demographic traits. The full study is available to members of the MOXY social ecosystem which is free of charge via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as well as via the website. Non-members can access an executive summary of the report by visiting the Spotlight link in the company's website at

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