A new chatting app Luvatar is conquering female hearts with creative approach to online communication

MENLO PARK. Calif., May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The new Luvatar app reveals an interesting demographic phenomenon in social communication during days of lockdown. Until now, matching apps have tended to focus on personal looks and attract a significantly larger proportion of men, leading to a disappointment for many people wishing to have enjoyable connections online. If you are a male who has used any social apps before, then you might be familiar with a lack of response. In turn, if you are a female, you are likely to be bombarded with messages and connections based on your appearance, when you might have tried similar apps before.

Things turn out different when it comes to Luvatar, which centers around the user's inner world and creative expression - a welcome rarity in the app world. Modern day "Luvatars" enjoy new digital looks automatically created from their real photographs. They have fun with changing their hairstyle, outfits, and other details following their moods and preferences that day. With Luvatar there is no pressure nor ultimate requirement to connect to anyone you might meet through the use of it. In fact, until you feel completely comfortable you don't even have to reveal your true appearance. This offers liberation from one's "true" photo images for the moment, and instead focuses on the quality of conversations happening between fun avatars that resemble users.

Such a digital mask option boosts freedom and exploration while speaking to new people. It also halts self-limiting considerations of what the other person might really think about how you look. Luvatar has been made with fun and creativity in mind whether you want to use it to find short term conversation buddies, or develop connections that will eventually lead to a potential romance. The disproportionate number of females who flock to the app proves this to be a very appealing model.

Luvatar also shows that the current situation when the world is concerned about social distancing doesn't mean we should limit our ability to meet new people. Luvatar offers incredible freedom when it comes to new acquaintances. What's more, it opens an opportunity to customize your profile and alternate your communication every time you enter the app. All of these have helped the app to gain a significant female user base, rise to one of the top apps in Singapore and now make strides in the US.

The new-born digital society is still questioning the transformations of our lifestyle once things return to normal. Yet one thing can be said for sure - the times of big social changes are coming and this will reflect on how we communicate. Exploring the imagination of real people behind the digital curtain in Luvatar is a perfect first step to make online communication less emotionally draining.

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About Luvatar

Luvatar is a social avatar app and a welcoming community of 3D avatars. Using the latest technology, it turns your selfie into a realistic 3D character which you can customize the way you want it. Users can create digital versions of themselves & experiment with their looks, share the snapshots of their digital look-alikes, chat and meet new people. Luvatar opens new possibilities in digital communication allowing people to socialize in an open and safe manner regardless of looks, views, preferences and stereotypes.

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