BirdDog® Technologies unique "pay as you go", targeted platform is experiential marketing's new lease on life

LOS ANGELES, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- COVID-19 has changed Experiential Marketing now and for the foreseeable future. An industry built on major events and sponsorships must quickly reinvent itself. BirdDog is the right technology and business model for the future of experiential marketing.

BirdDog is the first experiential solution to directly address digital advertising's great strengths. Digital's ability to connect consumers to brands with pinpoint accuracy and allow marketers to only pay for connections made.

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool for all brands but even more so for products as complex and emotionally powerful as automobiles. It has expanded its influence over the years with ever larger events, major sponsorships and tours. In our post COVID-19 world, many of these past approaches will be threatened due to the uncertainty of when they will return and how they will be embraced by a nervous public. Prior to the pandemic, these events were already burdened with high fixed costs, inherent inefficiencies and limited targetability.

"The post COVID-19 world expects companies to demonstrate more genuine concern for the wellbeing of local communities," says veteran automotive executive and AVC Capital advisor, James E. Press. "Learned long ago by dealers, large scale events and corporate messages have less conversion impact than showing genuine care and concern at a community level, even less in this 'New Normal' world."

BirdDog was developed to capitalize on the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, sophisticated social listening, geo and demographic targeting. It is a suite of technology not previously available to experiential marketers. To this technology suite we fused the best practices of experiential to drive efficient logistics including a pay-for-performance pricing model. The result is hyper targeted, effective activities at a fraction of the cost of traditional experiential approaches including sponsorships, pop-ups and tours.

"Local, community level experiential campaigns provide brands with not only a more targeted approach but one that will be available, at scale, long before major events and sponsorships," states Kevin Killip, BirdDog CEO. "Traditional ROI models for these investments have been rendered obsolete for the foreseeable future. BirdDog further mitigates marketer' risks through our pay-for-performance model."

BirdDog is unique in its ability to connect brands to their customers cost effectively in the most meaningful way. It is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for both large and small OEMs.

About BirdDog:

BirdDog is a programmatic experiential marketing platform designed to be more targeted, flexible and affordable than traditional models. For more information, visit

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