Neuroverse® BrainStation® System Featured as the Brain-based Sleep Monitoring Solution in a YouTube Originals Series to Promote Sleep Awareness

SAN DIEGO, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Neuroverse(®), Inc. partners with Vanessa Hill's BrainCraft and YouTube Originals to promote the importance of quality sleep as a restorative feature in mental health This BrainCraft series highlights some of the latest in innovative sleep science and has already reached over 1 million views in its first week. The contestants in this reality sleep competition experiment with a variety of sleep enhancing techniques and technologies to try to obtain their best night's sleep.

The Neuroverse(®) BrainStation(®) wearable device and mobile application for sleep monitoring are the featured solution for the brain-based calculation of sleep quality. Other aspects of the Neuroverse(®) BrainStation(®) mental wellness suite, such as the Alertness Check, are also featured. The Neuroverse(®) sleep and mental wellness solution integrates neurofeedback with sleep tracking, mindfulness, meditation, and neurocognitive practice to promote restorative sleep and the development of a mindful state of being.

High-quality sleep is a crucial component of overall health and wellness. The CDC has declared sleep deprivation to be a public health epidemic affecting a third of U.S. adults and with links to diseases such as depression, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

"Neuroverse(®) is happy to partner with Vanessa Hill, a fantastic communicator, and her BrainCraft series during Mental Health Awareness Month to advocate for the importance of sleep as a key component of overall mental health. This awareness is particularly important during this challenging time where the current worldwide pandemic is raising stress and anxiety to extreme levels. It is paramount to consider every mental health solution that can restore a sense of balance, increase resilience and reduce anxiety", said Ricardo Gil-da-Costa, Ph.D., Neuroverse(®), Inc. founder and C.E.O.

About Neuroverse, Inc.

Neuroverse(®), Inc. is an integrative neurotechnology company. Its BrainStation(®) technology is a wearable brain interface that brings the missing piece for true mind/body balance solutions by integrating neurocognitive assessment, cognitive and mindfulness training, and sleep performance in a single, reliable and easy-to-use holistic system. Our solutions, with scientifically developed analytics enabling reliable assessment and performance metrics, predictive models and training programs, are combined across domains to create a growing ecosystem of mobile apps and VR solutions for use in everyday life that will change the landscape of well-being and digital health wearables.

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