CareJourney forms a strategic partnership with Onyx Health to advance Healthcare Interoperability

ARLINGTON, Va., May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CareJourney, a leading healthcare analytics company, proudly announces today its strategic partnership with Onyx Technology LLC, a NewWave company, to advance healthcare interoperability. CareJourney has been actively leading in the drive for interoperability transformation and this collaboration will further enhance our capabilities to deliver unparalleled healthcare interoperability services and solutions, especially assisting Payers and Providers in meeting their regulatory obligations for health data interoperability.

"This partnership with Onyx enhances CareJourney's Interoperability Advisory Services with the ability to integrate with a proven interoperability solutions provider. Onyx brings to the table the experience and expertise of the CMS Blue Button 2.0 service, and they are perfectly positioned to extend these capabilities to commercial payers," said Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney.

As the healthcare system transitions to value-based care, stakeholders need new tools to share and analyze data to improve outcomes while cutting costs and reducing administrative burdens. The partnership with Onyx will strengthen our ability to help CareJourney members meet the CMS and ONC regulations by connecting them with the technology needed to deliver on this promise.

"Both NewWave's CEO Patrick Munis and Aneesh Chopra have long shared a vision of putting interoperable health data in the service of transforming America's healthcare system," says Susheel Ladwa, Onyx Technology's CEO. "Onyx's one-of-a-kind FHIR-enabled platform will be a catalyst in realizing CareJourney's vision of using interoperable health data to facilitate true value-based care. We are excited to be part of their impressive team."

Onyx provides SAFHIR, a cloud first platform built in collaboration with Microsoft, to meet the demands of the largest payers. The platform enables secure connections between payers and patients and is the product of lessons learned by NewWave from building the Blue Button 2.0 service for Medicare.

As part of this new relationship, Edward Yurcisin is transitioning from CareJourney to join Onyx as its first Chief Product Officer, leading the product development of SAFHIR and other product initiatives.

About CareJourney

CareJourney is a leading provider of clinically-relevant analytics for value-based networks. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, CareJourney currently supports leading payer, provider, and life sciences organizations across the US in achieving their goals by wringing new, high value insights out of expansive population claims data. Through its CareJourney Platform, CareJourney provides members with interactive dashboards of clinically-relevant insights around network design and management, care model management, patient risk segmentation, spend and utilization trends, network integrity, low-value care, and provider, practice and facility (acute and post-acute) performance. Please visit us at as well as on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Onyx Technology LLC

Onyx Technology LLC is a healthcare interoperability solutions provider. Onyx, a NewWave company, emerged from work with CMS in establishing the Nation's first nationwide FHIR-based API, Blue Button 2.0. Building on this experience and expertise, Onyx has partnered with Microsoft to build the industry's leading platform for FHIR-based interoperable exchange. Focused on standards based, interoperable technologies that ensure security, privacy and the delivery of the right information to the right place at the right time, Onyx is the expert in enabling our customers to garner the greatest value from their participation in the healthcare eco-system of tomorrow.

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