Eplexity Achieves Premier Consulting Partner Status in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

DENVER, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Eplexity, a cloud managed services company with a focus on delivering enterprise level cloud solutions to the SMB market, has achieved Premier Consulting Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

As the only APN Premier Consulting Partner headquartered in the Rocky Mountain region, Eplexity has had a long-standing commitment to AWS. The depth and breadth of their experience across AWS products has successfully helped customers achieve their goals, from migration and 24/7/365 AWS Management to modernizing Microsoft applications with AWS native architectures. With a focus on the SMB market, Eplexity offers enterprise level solutions that were once considered out of reach. Developing service offerings for the SMB market has required continuous innovation. By investing heavily in its AWS Managed Services Platform, Eplexity developed CXOS, bridging the gap between on-demand AWS cloud computing services and on-demand managed services.

"We're honored to be recognized as an APN Premier Consulting Partner. Over the years we've grown with AWS and continued to deliver world-class solutions to customers that only AWS can offer," said Eplexity CEO John Clendennen. "And now we can access additional dedicated AWS resources for our customers, helping them achieve their transformation objectives."

To be successful, Eplexity realized the rules of engagement needed to evolve. Through the CXOS Platform for AWS, customers no longer require manual onboarding, lengthy professional services projects, or long-term commitments. They can access production-ready AWS environments that automatically deploy through the CXOS Design Library. They also have visibility into critical ongoing operations, support, and security of deployed workloads via CXOS Mission Control. This approach not only ensures customers can cost effectively migrate to AWS with minimal risk, but they are supported 24/7/365 with ongoing alignment to AWS Well-Architected best practices.

"We had been working with Eplexity on migrating workloads to AWS when stay at home orders were issued due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our timelines were obviously impacted and we needed to act fast. Without missing a beat, Eplexity was able to get our entire team up and running on Amazon WorkSpaces within 24 hours, and we didn't negatively impact our customer experience in any way. With our core application and entire agent footprint now running on AWS, we have seamlessly streamlined and modernized our IT infrastructure. Eplexity's approach to professional and managed services with CXOS gives us the confidence we need in our partner for AWS services."

    --  Jake Payne, Vice President Technology and Information Systems, CRC

"We are delighted to recognize Eplexity as an APN Premier Consulting Partner. Eplexity has demonstrated AWS technical competencies and services reliability that customers expect, giving them multiple options for migrating workloads and managing applications in the cloud with AWS."

    --  Melissa Dougherty, Head of North America System Integrators, Amazon Web
        Services, Inc.

About Eplexity

Eplexity, LLC. (EPLEXITY®) works with companies of every size that need help getting to and operating in AWS. As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, EPLEXITY offers cost effective migration services, modernization services, and cloud managed services through our CXOS® Platform for AWS. Featuring production ready AWS Architectures, Mission Control dashboard, and DevOps On Demand Managed Service Blocks, CXOS is a customer-first platform providing cloud agility and immediate improvements in security, automation, operations, performance, and reliability. Supported by our US based Cloud Command Center (C3), our client's cloud environments are managed 24/7/365 by a 100% AWS Certified operations team.

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