3DHEALS 2020: Join The Frontier Of Healthcare 3D Printing

SAN FRANCISCO, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- 3DHEALS, LLC is pleased to announce its global virtual summit 3DHEALS 2020, June 5th- June 6th, focusing on healthcare innovations using 3D printing, bioprinting, and related technologies. The event expects 500+ attendees from 20+ countries, and 20 early-stage startups to participate in Pitch3D, a fast-paced pitch event to institutional investors. 3DHEALS 2020 addresses the need for a global cross-disciplinary forum. It will feature more than 70 world-class experts from more than 60 organizations and companies to showcase technological developments, share insights, tackle challenges, and present opportunities for future collaborations. The content-rich two-day multi-track virtual summit allows the attendees to learn practical knowledge from world-class experts, including hands-on application-focused workshops. The organizers have conducted more than 29 speaker interviews, which can also be downloaded as podcasts.

The virtual summit is not just two days of webinars, but a simulated virtual networking experience, where speakers, exhibitors, and attendees can engage through the conference's dedicated mobile app, before, during, and after the meeting. The fee for the conference is 100 USD.

The two-day virtual event offers nineteen sessions. While there is no dedicated COVID-19 panel, many presentations address how 3D printing and bioprinting communities respond to the pandemic.

Highlighted presentations and panels include the following:

In the first keynote presentation, Sam Onukuri, Head and Senior Fellow at Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing, will explain how the world's largest healthcare company is leveraging 3D printing technology to transform the design, manufacturing and delivery ecosystem across Johnson & Johnson's medical device, consumer and pharmaceutical businesses.

In the second keynote presentation, Dr. Alan Dang, an orthopedic spine surgeon and co-founder of PrinterPezz, will share the "behind-the-scenes secrets" of how PrinterPrezz democratizes medical device innovation and helps its customers go from concept to production.

The biofabrication and bioprinting panels collect some of the brightest minds in the world of tissue engineering and biofabrication, tackling 3D printing nearly every organ system from brain tissue, vasculatures, to heart valve. Many speakers are well-known scientists, including professors Stephanie Willerth, Adam Feinberg, Jordan Miller, who are also co-founders behind some of the newest startups in the bioprinting space. More established companies critical to tissue engineering and cell therapy will also join the conversation, including Melanie Mathieu from Prellis Biologics, Jon Rawley from Roosterbio, John O'Neil from Xylyx, Taciana Pereira from Allevi, and Kevin Caldwell from Ossium Health, and Qrquidea Garcia ("Orchid") from JNJ.

A related panel focusing on 3D printing on the International Space Station also deserves much attention from speakers from Techshot, ISS/CASIS, and Allevi (Ricky Solorzano).

The legal and regulatory panel will include the most comprehensive list of legal and regulatory concerns, focusing on healthcare 3D printing applications. The topics include intellectual property/patent issues(Roger Kuan, Haynes and Boone LLP), product liability, FDA pathways, manufacturing standards, and more. Steven Bauer, from FDA CBER, will address concerns related to cell therapy and stem cells.

The early morning Global Perspective sessions are reserved for international speakers to share their unique experiences, needs, and hopes. Both America Makes director John Wilczynski and NAMIC director Dr. Chaw Sing Ho, along with experts from Turkey, India, and Taiwan, will share how 3D printing and bioprinting innovations can thrive in both local and global healthcare environs. The audience will also learn about how different countries are implementing the concept of 3D printing for Point of Care, with experts from UCSF, Stanford, Germany (Kumovis), India (Anatomiz3D), Korea (MEDICALIP), and developing countries. More than ten 3DHEALS community managers will also present city-based healthcare 3D printing innovation ecosystems and share their progress.

As one of the largest sectors in FDA cleared devices, metal and orthopedic 3D printing will permeate throughout the entire conference, from keynotes to dedicated panels focusing on materials, designs (nTopology, ANSYS, MEDICALIP), and end-user applications head to toe (Printerprezz).

As a fast-growing sector, the dental 3D printing panel will feature an unprecedented group of speakers from a combination of academia (University of Michigan, USC, UOP) and industry (Boneeasy, Origin) focusing on critical issues facing the industry both short and long term.

The material science panel will feature speakers from Henkel, Evonik, Origin, and 3Degrees for an in-depth discussion on what roles material manufacturers should play in 3D printed medical devices, investment opportunities, and the latest trends.

The investor panel will feature VCs in the medtech and life science space, including NEA, Intuitive Surgical, Evonik, and more.

The entrepreneur fireside chat session will invite CEOs of Aspect Biosystems and Fluidform to share their perspectives based on their startup journeys.