SwabTek Launches "Buy One, Give One" Program to Donate Protective Masks to Law Enforcement Offices

CARSON CITY, Nev., May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on the success of its recent partnership with the National Sheriffs' Association to provide more than 200,000 protective masks to Sheriffs' offices across the nation, SwabTek has launched a "Buy One, Give One" (B.O.G.O.) program allowing individuals and companies to purchase masks, and for every mask purchased, another mask will be donated to a law enforcement agency.

SwabTek is a nationwide provider of protective gear and test kits for law enforcement and first responders.

Announcing the B.O.G.O. program, SwabTek CEO Bob Betros said, "We have been honored over the past week to partner with great organizations and companies to help provide more than 200,000 protective masks to Sheriffs' offices all across the nation. However, as we watched requests for masks flood into our office, it became clear that the need remains great for our amazing law enforcement heroes who are on the front line in dealing with Covid-19 and keeping our communities safe."

"To continue helping meet that need for protective masks, we are giving individuals, businesses and organizations the opportunity to 'buy one, give one'. For every mask purchased, a mask will be donated to a local law enforcement agency. We hope many will take advantage of this great opportunity to not only keep ourselves safer, but to help those who are out there every day and every night serving our communities."

Details of the B.O.G.O. program are here: SwabTek B.O.G.O.

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