IrisGuard Leads the Way in Contact-free Iris Verification Payment Services with ISO Level 1 PAD Test Compliance

MILTON KEYNES, England, June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- IrisGuard are delighted to announce that they have received their final certification and notice of compliance for Presentation Attack Detection to internationally recognised ISO 30107-3 standards from independent test house specialists, iBeta labs, in Denver. IrisGuard is one of only two companies globally to receive such compliance for its EyePay android phone, app and EyeCloud processing system.

IrisGuard is the world leader in dedicated iris recognition payment services and its patented techniques, developed over 20 years, incorporating both software and custom-hardware components. This forms part of the process to provide 100% guarantee globally on verifying and authenticating a payment to one person from millions, anywhere in the world in real time (less than 3 seconds).

All IrisGuard systems incorporate advanced defense-grade countermeasures to prevent 'spoofing' and the company is continually ensuring that these are state of the art, including the development of a bespoke built in-house AI PAD detection engine specifically designed for the EyePay® Phone by a leading expert designer in countermeasure topology. Throughout 2019 we commissioned an independent image specialist in the UK to attempt to break their systems with a variety of images from different media. This enabled them to refine further their algorithms and counter measure processes and enabled them to pass first time with no unauthorized access possible from any presented artifact for Presentation Attack Detection.

iBeta labs is the only NIST NVLAP and FIDO accredited independent biometric test lab in the world and IrisGuard are delighted to have spent the time working with such a professional and thorough organisation. ISO Compliance testing allows IrisGuard to provide even greater assurances for their clients around the world that they continue to offer the highest level of security, and extending that security to the millions of beneficiaries they serve every day, using just the iris.

Despite the challenges the world now faces, this extremely timely independent verification of their contact-free iris recognition EyePay® system to Presentation Attack Detection is welcomed by all. Never has it been more important than now to be able to identify one in millions without any physical contact. IrisGuard's iris recognition is contactless, non-invasive, hygienic, dignified and appropriate for all cultures and ethnicities and it is the most accurate, fastest and fault-free method of human identification which cannot be stolen, duplicated, forged or traded.

Andrew Holland, Director of Engineering commented: "Whilst our fixed-station images have held worldwide patents since 2011 for innovative PAD detection methods, we are delighted that our independently certified EyePay® Phone AI-based PAD detection brings the same quality protection to our mobile customers, complementing our secure expansion into mobile money and financial inclusion."

EyePay@ platform serves over 2.5m beneficiaries, distributing vital financial assistance to the world's unbanked, having processed trillions of cross-comparisons with 0% error rate and therefore established itself as a trusted and recognised solutions provider for United Nations Agencies such as the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the World Food Programme (WFP), many National government and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) around the world as well as large number of retail banks across the Middle East.

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NB. Details of iBeta

iBeta is the only NIST NVLAP accredited biometrics testing lab (NVLAP testing Lab Code 200962-0). They developed a Quality Management System and biometrics test procedures that are independently audited by NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) in a comprehensive technical evaluation in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

iBeta is also the first biometric testing lab accredited by the FIDO Alliance to conduct biometric evaluations in conjunction with the FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification Program. This program is used to certify that biometric subcomponents meet globally recognized performance standards for Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) and biometric recognition performance.

Additionally, iBeta Quality Assurance has received a Mastercard accreditation for its biometrics test lab. The approved scope of the independent testing facility includes biometrics testing for mobile and wearable devices using the modalities of facial recognition, palm recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

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