Tessco Partners with RFS to Offer Fire-Resistant Coaxial Cable

TESSCO Technologies (NASDAQ: TESS) announced it is partnering with Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) to offer customers the certified DragonSkin™ coaxial cable designed to protect mission-critical communications for first responders in burning buildings.

RFS’ DragonSkin is the first and only in-building coaxial cable that is UL 2196 certified and meets the NFPA 72 Survivability standards. DragonSkin successfully transmits radio frequency signals and effectively operates during extreme stress and severe heat, withstanding temperatures up to 1010°C (1850°F), for a minimum of two hours, and sudden temperature change when cooled by water.

DragonSkin’s unique design eliminates conduits and extensive wrapping, reducing cable size and weight while maintaining a full bending radius. This serves to lower cost and significantly streamline installation compared to alternative fireproof cables.

“We are thrilled to partner with RFS to offer customers DragonSkin coaxial cable, the only UL 2196 certified cable available in today’s market,” said Tammy Ridgley, Tessco’s Vice President of Solution Development, Product, and Supply Chain Management. “With DragonSkin coaxial cable, RFS now gives first responders the ability to maintain continuous contact with each other, enabling them to save lives and extinguish fires.”

"Maintaining in-building communication in the event of a fire is a challenge that those responsible simply cannot afford to get wrong,” commented Phil Lobato, National Sales Director at RFS. “Increasingly rigorous standards have been introduced to ensure this, but until now there hasn't been a standalone solution that meets the requirements. We listened to what the industry needed to address this, and developed DragonSkin. It is an all-in-one, best-in-class, simple to install solution to meet the need for fire-resistant communication equipment in a cost effective and reliable way, offering the best way to prepare for the worst.”

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