Pavlov Media Acquires IPTV Software Provider Singularity

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pavlov Media, one of the nation's largest private providers of broadband services to student housing and multi-family real estate owners, today announced the acquisition of IPTV software provider Singularity.

Bloomington, Minn.-based Singularity provides an IPTV platform for operators in both the United States and abroad. The acquisition will enhance Pavlov Media's continued efforts to deliver content to customers in the most efficient and meaningful way.

In today's all digital world, the need for content continues to evolve.

"This acquisition is a step forward in providing consumers cutting edge exceptional media experiences," said Pavlov Media CEO Mark Scifres. "Pavlov Media has constructed a high capacity national broadband network and the ability to create and deliver content that extends beyond traditional cable television service. The acquisition of Singularity now provides us a platform from which we can create and deliver an enhanced content package for our multi-family clients and for our single-family home subscribers."

The move creates a partnership that aligns with Pavlov Media's three-decade long commitment in delivering exceptional value and performance for property owners and customers.

"We have been growing rapidly and had been searching for the right partner to leverage this growth," said Matt Ailts, CEO of Singularity. "Pavlov Media fit our requirements both from a commitment to quality of service and to the provision of resources to allow our team to take advantage of the many available opportunities in the market."

Glenn Meyer, president of MDU services at Pavlov Media said, "We believe the Singularity platform will be well received by our student housing owners and their residents. This enables residents to stream content in high definition throughout their entire apartment community which enhances their broadband experience. With this acquisition, we now have the ability to create and broadcast unique content for our multi-family property owner clients."

About Pavlov Media:
Pavlov Media is headquartered in Champaign, Ill. and offers broadband, voice, and television services. The company operates municipal fiber networks connected to its national backbone network. Pavlov Media specializes in private networks designed, constructed and operated by a team of dedicated professionals from the multifamily real estate industry. For more information, visit

About Singularity:
Singularity is headquartered in Bloomington, Minn. and was formed to address the problems that other middleware vendors overlook. Though eager to launch successful Internet TV services, operators were left frustrated by the complexity of trying to capitalize on this historic business opportunity. Singularity is the platform through which all these services can be merged. Our mission is to enable operators to deliver a modern TV experience. For more information, visit

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