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BANGALORE, India, June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In many organisations, business analytics focuses on one core metric, and that is the organization's financial and operational analytics. On the other hand, 'Big Data' helps in storage, retrieval and analysis of large and complex data there by automating business analytics by identifying trends from a wider variety of data coming in from all directions and letting the organization make better data driven decisions.

The global Big Data and Business Analytics Market size was valued at $171.39 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $512.04 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 14.80 percent between 2019 and 2026.

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    --  Factors including the decrease in the technology cost and the emergence
        of open source big data software systems drive market growth.
    --  Sustaining without business analytics in an increasingly competitive
        environment is no longer easier for companies, and gathering knowledge
        about the past data to predict the future outcome is also not easy
        without analytics. Therefore, Big Data and Business Analytics plays a
        key role in rising organizational productivity and maximizing capital.
        This feature is expected to increase the Big Data and Business Analytics
        market size over the forecast period.
    --  Big Data applications in the conventional on-premise environment, can be
        difficult to implement and manage. Add to this, the exponential growth
        of data along with the cost of implementing these technologies can be a
        huge burden. In such scenarios, the cloud can help alleviate some of
        these hurdles. Cloud's promise of agility, scale, and flexibility,
        combined with the incredible insights powered by BDA, is expected to
        increase the Big Data and Business Analytics market size.
    --  Augmented analytics will be a key factor in increasing the Big Data and
        Business Analytics market size by 2020. Augmented analytics automates
        the discovery and surfacing of the most relevant market trends to
        improve decision-making.
    --  Increased use of commercial AI and ML will help speed up the growth of
        Big Data and Business Analytics market size during the forecast period.
        Today, open-source systems dominate artificial intelligence (AI ) and
        machine learning and are the main source of creativity in algorithms and
        development environments.

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Big Data And Business Analytics Market Share Analysis

    --  During the forecast period, the big data analytics segment is projected
        to hold the largest market share. Big data solutions allow for more
        accurate segmentation of potential customers and encourage a deeper
        understanding of those customers, their desires, and motives by
        analyzing the data generated from various sources, such as social media,
        call logs, and service types. Big data solutions enable data experts to
        understand complex patterns, such as identifying opportunities for
        financial growth, financial benchmarking against industry standards, and
        identifying financial implications.
    --  In terms of region, North America dominated the Big Data and Business
        Analytics market share in 2018 and is expected to maintain its position
        over the forecast period. The main factors driving market growth in this
        area include growing the adoption of cloud services among various
        vertical industries and higher adoption of advanced analytics solutions
        among SMEs.
    --  However, due to the advancement of the banking & insurance industry and
        the penetration of emerging technologies like IoT and big data,
        Asia-Pacific is expected to experience the highest growth rate during
        the forecast period.


By Component

    --  Software
    --  Service

By Deployment Mode

    --  On-Premise
    --  Cloud

By Analytics Tools

    --  Dashboard & Data Visualization
    --  Self-Service Tools
    --  Data Mining & Warehousing
    --  Reporting
    --  Others

By Application

    --  Customer Analytics
    --  Supply Chain Analytics
    --  Marketing Analytics
    --  Pricing Analytics
    --  Spatial Analytics
    --  Workforce Analytics
    --  Risk & Credit Analytics
    --  Transportation Analytics

By Industry Vertical

    --  Manufacturing
    --  BFSI
    --  Healthcare
    --  Government
    --  Energy & Utility
    --  Transportation
    --  Retail & Consumer Goods
    --  IT & Telecom
    --  Education
    --  Others

By Region

    --  North America
        --  U.S.
        --  Canada
    --  Europe
        --  UK
        --  Germany
        --  France
        --  Rest of Europe
    --  Asia-Pacific
        --  China
        --  India
        --  Japan
        --  Rest of Asia-Pacific
    --  LAMEA
        --  Latin America
        --  Middle East
        --  Africa

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Key Market Players

    --  IBM Corporation
    --  Oracle Corporation
    --  Microsoft Corporation
    --  SAP SE
    --  Fair Isaac Corporation
    --  SAS Institute Inc.
    --  TIBCO Software Inc.
    --  Teradata Corporation
    --  Amazon Web Services
    --  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP

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