Swapzone Add Bitcoin SV (BSV) Capacity

LONDON, June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Almost every week more and more exchanges, aggregators and projects are using BSV. Swapzone is an exchange aggregator working with non-custodial instant cryptocurrency swap services. They now also list BSV, one of the best performing assets of any kind over the last year.

Inevitably, as a result, demand for BSV has increased. The reason for BSV's popularity among business users is simply that it has been designed to scale and can process thousands of transactions a second and also store huge amounts of data on its immutable blockchain with very low fees.

Currently, Swapzone's service supports over 300 assets for swaps at best rates and operates through 10+ partnering platforms like Changelly, SimpleSwap, Godex and ChangeNOW.

Swapzone's aim is to provide as much information on cryptocurrency swap rates and services as possible, all in one convenient interface.

Swapzone features:

    --  Non-custodial
    --  No registration or account creation needed
    --  Wide range of coins and tokens to choose from (includes Stablecoins)
    --  Multiple exchange partners with the possibility to choose among services
    --  Exchange offers sorted by the best rate

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, commented: "Its always great to see businesses identifying the value in listing and using BSV. I've long admired Swapzone's model and think that BSV will be a popular commodity for both them and their customers."

Maria Carola, Marketing Advisory, Swapzone added: "We strive to have the most comprehensive offering in the market and never sit still as we lookout for what our customers need and want so adding BSV was a natural progression for the business."

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