MatSing and MobileNet Partner Providing Proven, Turnkey Design Services for Exceptional Wireless Performance in Stadiums Using Lens Antennas

IRVINE, Calif., June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MatSing(® )(, the world's leading manufacturer of high-capacity RF lens antennas, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with MobileNet Services. MobileNet has extensive knowledge, expertise, and creativity designing wireless infrastructures for lens antennas in stadiums. "We have successfully deployed multiple stadium projects with MobileNet, and they are by far the best stadium design company for our lens antennas," said Michael Matytsine, executive vice president of operations at MatSing. "MobileNet possess the required skills and expertise to design lens antennas into any stadium. This enables them to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity to anyone, anywhere, at any time, at a fully occupied event."

MatSing's patented and established lens antenna technology enables MobileNet to provide the best possible solution to its customers. Using MatSing antennas, MobileNet implemented the world's first large scale, lightweight, and low power mobile infrastructure multi-beam lens antenna solution. MatSing's spherical lens antennas are based on a unique patented technology that allows a single antenna to provide up to 48 high capacity coverage sectors, replacing 48 traditional antennas with a single lens. Unlike other current solutions, like under-seat antennas, the Matsing lens antennas typically have a clear line-of-sight path to potential users, offering faster and better connections, while significantly reducing the number of antenna locations. The new and unique design of the MatSing antennas provides the best radio frequency signal control in the industry, giving users exceptional RF performance at lower power consumption.

"MobileNet is a capable and respected partner whose expertise complements our unique and powerful lens technology," added Matytsine. "Moving to 5G even further increases the importance of high-quality RF engineering in implementing smart solutions and densification strategies to bolster high capacity and extend coverage. With our partnership with MobileNet, we are well positioned to meet all expectations for each of our stadium customers."

"We take great pride in delivering the highest quality engineering services to the wireless industry," said Richard Grant, president of MobileNet Services. "It is an extreme pleasure working with the MatSing team because of their world-class lens antenna technology and professionalism. When we are working on new stadium design projects, MatSing lens antennas offer the perfect solution by providing a balance of high capacity and great performance!"

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About MatSing, Inc.

MatSing's patented and vetted lens technology enables them to be at the forefront of the antenna industry. Starting in 2005 with an expertise in metamaterials, they used that knowledge to design and create the world's first large, lightweight, multi-beam RF lenses. Their unique technology has brought a new age of high-performance and high-capacity antennas to the telecommunications industry.

MatSing provides a range of antennas for all applications (Macro, Events, and Venues) allowing customers to select the correct antenna type based on the number of cell site locations and required capacity. Each antenna provides multiple independent sectors covering multiple bands, allowing users to have the highest capacity from the fewest locations--up to 48 independent sectors from a single antenna.

The new and unique design of the MatSing antennas provides the best radio frequency signal control in the industry, giving users exceptional RF performance at much lower power. MatSing lens technology is the perfect fit for 4G, LTE, and 5G, and it is seen as the most cost-effective network densification tool in the industry.

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About MobileNet Services, Inc.

MobileNet is a nationwide Engineering Services provider of design, integration, optimization, performance validation and testing services for the wireless industry. MobileNet's expertise spans all wireless technologies deployed on In-Building/Stadium Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Macro Networks, IoT and Public Safety Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS).

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