Wrinkl Bridges the Gap Between Email and Group Messaging

PHILADELPHIA, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Far from becoming the promised "email killer," group messaging has actually reinforced the continued importance of email. Group messaging excels at fast paced and colloquial internal communication. However, external communication--that is interaction with clients, vendors, and other involved third parties--remains the province of email.

According to Marc Cohen, CEO of Wrinkl, Inc, "By clinging to an aspirational goal that makes email the enemy, many of the leading providers of group messaging apps have in fact hampered its adoption. When pressed by customers to bridge the gap between messaging and email their solutions evidence their unwillingness to fully accept the reality of email's continuing role. For example, at least one messaging app now assigns email addresses to group messaging channels. This solution is dead on arrival for failing to address the most fundamental of unwanted eventualities such as channel spamming."

Today, Wrinkl, Inc., the award-winning group messaging innovator, announced it will begin licensing its patented email integration technology. Wrinkl's solution enables group chat conversations to take place uninterrupted by seamlessly incorporating participation of third parties via email. Whenever desired, a chat conversation participant can post a message to the group while simultaneously sending that same message, via email, to an external party. When an emailed reply to the group message is received, and after satisfying certain gating conditions, the reply is first and only visible to the original sender. The original sender may then, with a click, elect to "share" the reply with the group (post it to the channel) or instead keep it private.

To see email integration in action click here: https://vimeo.com/425893110

To inquire about licensing Email Integration and Sharing (US Patents 9,712,466 and 9,882,846) for your group messaging platform, contact Wrinkl at Wrinkl-ip@wrinkl.com.

About Wrinkl
Wrinkl provides businesses with a messaging solution that reduces clutter, distills what's important, and supplies the tools to act on it--all without leaving the conversation. With Wrinkl, conversation is action--not distraction. To inquire about licensing Wrinkl's IP for your group messaging platform, contact us at Wrinkl-ip@wrinkl.com.

SOURCE Wrinkl, Inc.