SJ Environmental Turns Landfill Waste into Energy

HOUSTON, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Reducing carbon emissions has been and will continue to be a major topic of conversation around the world. From the Paris Agreement to stock market dips, ways to reduce CO2 is something we can't avoid.

To protect the environment, oil companies are adding biofuels to their portfolio. Most of the biofuels being produced today are created from recycled cooking oil or crops. Unfortunately, these sources are not sustainable.

Crops require a vast amount of water and land and release CO2 into the air when harvested. Using crops as an energy source is also driving up food costs because fewer crops are available for consumption.

"Oil and gas will serve a purpose as long as we have a high demand and continue to use plastics. Our goal is not to replace the entire industry. However, SJ Environmental has created a more sustainable biofuel than corn or used cooking oil that will help shrink landfills and reduce CO2 emissions on a measurable scale," says Dennis Umali, Operations Manager at SJ Environmental.

The team of scientists at SJ Environmental developed a process that turns food waste into a clean biofuel rather than sending it to a landfill. In addition to food waste, the team at SJ Environmental is also turning animal and human waste into biofuel.

So, rather than planting crops for the sole purpose of turning it into fuel, crops can now be used to feed people and the natural waste that is a byproduct of food consumption is then turned into clean-burning biofuel.

This is the future of energy and is something SJ Environmental is working to bring to market.To learn more visit SJE Biofuel.

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