Care Angel Launches HEALS Rapid Response COVID-19 Back to Work, Back to Community (Safely) Programs Using On-Demand Workforce of AI-Powered Virtual Nurse Assistants

MIAMI, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Care Angel, the industry leader in automation and exponentially scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Virtual Nurse Assistants, today announced the availability of two new "HEALS" (Help Early Awareness Logistics and Surveillance) programs intended to address critical employer and public health needs. Business leaders and state, city and county governments' public health operations are desperate to find ways for individuals to return to work and back into the community safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Both offerings are an extension of the company's award-winning SmartCare Platform that handles the continuous engagement, management, surveillance, triaging and care of at-risk populations.

The HEALS Back to Work (Safely) and HEALS Back to Community (Safely) initiatives are both powered by ANGEL. ANGEL, the company's on demand workforce of Virtual Nurse Assistants, leverages the power of AI, to perform clinical intake and continuous and periodic check-ins through phone calls and texts, freeing up call centers and valuable clinical resources to care for the neediest first. As it relates to the public's re-entry into society following a period of social isolation, the offering is particularly well suited to address COVID-19 safety protocols, handle workflows and automatically add data into the contact-tracing database

HEALS Back to Work (Safely) was launched to offer powerful virtual screening tools to detect, identify and reduce employer risk while maintaining business continuity. With this program, ANGEL will be used to provide automated, continuous monitoring, early detection messaging and reporting capabilities to keep both workforces and/or customers safe. Employers and large organizations will benefit from the ability to streamline and drastically improve COVID-19 specific workplace protocols at scale via:

    --  Virtual Check Ins - Automate brief daily check-ins by talk or text,
        inbound and outbound
    --  Risk Detection - Discover signs and symptoms early, alert stakeholders
        of risk and help prevent spread
    --  Triage to Testing - Prioritize those that show symptoms to designated
        testing sites/appropriate care
    --  Contact Trace - Identify and monitor individuals that came in close
        contact with infected individuals
    --  Enterprise Reporting - Analyze data to understand impact by worksite,

HEALS Back to Community (Safely) was designed to bring advanced health monitoring to where individuals live, work, play, learn and, as a result, reduce risk for federal, state, city and large counties. In this instance Care Angel built enforcements into its Smart Care platform to rapidly offer governments and emergency health organizations automated continuous monitoring, early detection, messaging and reporting tools to keep communities and their families safe. Benefits include:

    --  Ability to perform millions of screenings a day
    --  Screening entire populations rapidly
    --  Reducing likelihood of exposure
    --  Addressing existing health and environmental risk factors
    --  Controlling misinformation, prevention measures, and testing protocols
    --  Reinforcing safety protocols and Center for Disease Control and
        Prevention (CDC) guidance
    --  Informing and reminding individuals of Personal Protection Equipment
        (PPE) policies
    --  Broadcasting safe social distancing policies
    --  Ensuring a seamless, efficient and effective process

"In February, Care Angel started preparing our SmartCare Platform for COVID-19. This early preparation allowed us to roll out a pandemic program with one of the largest insurers in the world in record time. Angel extended the human touch to a post-discharge population consisting of millions of Medicaid/Medicare members that produced historic, meaningful engagement at 1/100(th) of the cost of human labor," said Wolf Shlagman, Care Angel's CEO.

"Care Angel understands the critical need to execute scalable screening, detection, triage to testing, contact trace and regular surveillance- within a single seamless workflow," Shlagman continues. "With the HEALS Back to Work (Safely) and HEALS Back to Community (Safely) programs, we are able to extend our capabilities to assist payers, employers, states and cities, to be better prepared. We can deploy a comprehensive protocol-driven program in days, to support their efforts to get back to some level of normalcy."

About Care Angel

Care Angel is the industry leader in automation and exponentially scalable solutions for continuous engagement, management, surveillance, triage, navigation and care of millions. ANGEL, the world's first voice-enabled Artificial Intelligent (AI), Virtual Nurse Assistant comes to life through the company's award-winning SmartCare Platform. ANGEL enables the most effective, efficient and scalable way to engage, monitor and manage large, at-risk populations with complex and chronic conditions at the lowest cost, starting with a simple phone call or text-based care conversation.

Care Angel's AI solutions give care teams the ability to conversationally collect accurate patient data, consistently and continuously, receiving regular updates on vitals and well-being to inform and manage real-time interventions and avoid missed care opportunities. Care Angel's multi-modal engagement platform helps payers and providers to automatically close gaps in care, identify SDoH needs, navigate to appropriate care setting, automatically and achieve higher HEDIS/Stars measures. The technologically advanced platform also extends its capabilities to create a communications ecosystem that pushes specific and configurable alerts and notifications to strengthen the connections and partnership among patients, their providers, their health plans and their families. Care Angel is proven to lower costs and improve medical and financial outcomes, resulting in a strong ROI for customers.

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