Salient CRGT Stays Ahead of COVID-19 with Virtual Work Force Expertise

FAIRFAX, Va., June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Salient CRGT, a leading IT Services company, has been serving the federal government for the past several decades. This work has led to many great accomplishments related to digital transformation and managing the complexities of several large federal networks.

Now more than ever, the reliance on this type of technology is critical to the federal government, its workforce, and all the contractors that support their mission. Salient CRGT has been instrumental in keeping agency networks up and running during this time for the FDA, HHS, VA, and DHS. They are able to make this transition smoothly because they have been learning about and implementing virtual work environments long before COVID-19.

Before there was mandated virtual work and social distancing, Salient CRGT was studying virtual work with its own industry expert, Dr. Laurence M. Rose. Dr. Rose is an established industry leader with more than thirty years of government and commercial business and operational experience. In his role, he oversees People and Culture, Contracts, Pricing, Security, and the legal office, which he serves as Ethics Officer.

Dr. Rose has published two books on the virtual work force, The Human Side of Virtual Work: Managing Trust, Isolation, and Presence, and Virtual Vic: A Management Fable. Dr. Rose received his Ph.D. in Organization and Management and focused his dissertation studies on change and the virtual work force.

"Serving our clients is our number one priority and being able to help them with unforeseen circumstances is what makes me proud about our company," said Tom Ferrando, Salient CRGT CEO. "We have implemented telework on all projects authorized by our customers and having Larry on staff has been an added benefit as we encounter unforeseen problems during this Pandemic."

Dr. Rose recognizes the importance of focusing on the people and demonstrates successful leadership by example. His extensive knowledge and experience with managing virtual teams helps to strengthen company culture, which is critical to success when working with employees who are located world-wide.

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