Blue Beat Digital Offers Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

TUSCAN, Calif., June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Beat Sales, a division of Blue Beat Digital, announces the creation of an affiliate marketing program for their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Blue Beat, an innovative company born in South Africa as a lead developer of branded mobile phones and accessories that are bundled with SIM cards to offer premier service at partner pricing.

Mobile phones and accessories at highly discounted rates, with no compromise in quality or access, was the market play necessary to break into US retail. "Enabling people to earn some extra money while accessing new markets desperately needing PPE is a cornerstone of our business model," said Jonathan Berger, CEO of Blue Beat Digital.

In this effort to engage new markets for both PPE and Digital Supplies Blue Beat Sales is expanding its networking and successfully growing the business. "As we look out beyond this crisis people are still going to require help getting back on their feet," commented Berger. "We want to give away 1 million masks and we want to help Americans get back on their feet by making some extra money too. The opportunities to alleviate the strain on the public enable us to reward all of our partners," concluded Berger.

About Blue Beat Digital

Blue Beat Digital is a California based specialized sales and marketing company with specific expertise in distribution in mobile phones, small electronics and SIM cards for mobile service plans that are lower than most providers yet access the same towers as the biggest providers in the US.

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