Abacus Virtual Makerspace Offers Maker Sessions with FanWide Partnership

SEATTLE, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Abacus (https://makewithabacus.com/), a creative skills marketplace, is partnering with FanWide (http://www.FanWide.com/) to bring their hands-on experience and "maker" sessions to the virtual world. FanWide will provide the video and technology platform for Abacus to allow their creators to remotely reach their learners and spectators. Through this partnership, Abacus will open up new avenues for creative entertainment, virtual skills acquisition, practice and "edutainment" by adding creative means to creative minds.

Abacus, a rapidly growing startup, was originally intended to connect makers and curious tinkerers in local communities for in-person, hands-on sessions. However, Abacus has adapted in response to COVID-19 and as a result now offer "virtual makerspaces" to connect product and content creators with the folks who want to learn their skills. Abacus cuts out the time searching for low-quality instructional videos that do not quite hit the mark by finding a real human who actually practices these skills.

"Abacus is empowering creative makers, artists, crafters and inventors to embrace the new normal through a live session, virtual platform." said Steve Cherewaty, Founder of Abacus. "Using FanWide's video platform we are helping makers of all kinds grow their brands and businesses by adding interaction to e-commerce and keeping creativity human."

FanWide is a technology platform for digital communities to connect like-minded fans at in person and digital events. Seattle-based FanWide has promoted 1.6 million events for nearly 15,000 groups at over 10,000 events spaces nationwide. The company established itself by working with dozens of professional sports teams and leagues worldwide to host their fan engagement events at sports bars. Recently, FanWide has expanded its horizons, connecting all types of fans at both in-person and virtual events. Through FanWide's platform, Abacus is able to host larger virtual classes for avid learners to take up new creative skills such as welding, 3D printing, and carpentry, while ensure a safe environment through social distancing.

"FanWide is excited to extend its virtual fan engagement platform to a new community - the makers." added Symon Perriman, CEO and Founder of FanWide. "We believe our customizable video platform will open new educational opportunities for makers and students of all ages, and there is no better partner in this space than Abacus."

With the current global pandemic, Abacus started seeking new ways to connect with their maker community. These new virtual classes have been instrumental in continuing to spread the knowledge of these creative skills. Makers are able to sign up for a monthly package based on the number of listings and lesson hours, and can buy a kit which also includes an interactive assembly session through the FanWide virtual platform. To celebrate this new learning tool, Abacus is opening with a pre-launch special for a limited number of content creators and makers. Visit Abacus for a complete catalog of all classes offered. These sessions are available to all ages, where students can also learn valuable STEM skills for life. Friends, coworkers and neighbors have incredible skills and Abacus offers a way to connect with them, support them and share their passions.