Melton Technologies Releases HorizonGo Software To Address Unpredictable Supply Changes In The Trucking Industry

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The supply chain is a spider web of complexity and connections, one strand broken will affect the whole web. Corona has recently tested this web. This year, 20% of Wendy's U.S. restaurants removed beef products from their menus, according to Stephens Inc. A study done by 'The Institute for Supply Management,' discovered that 75 percent of companies reported supply chain disruption, and 44 percent of companies had no plan to deal with disruptions.

Even before COVID, significant shifts in the supply chain have been taking place. The "Amazon Effect" on brick and mortar stores and malls was already significant. The consumer, or end user of the product, is going further back in the supply chain, and in some cases, going directly to the manufacturer rather than the store. This provides a huge opportunity for trucking companies, but also adds vast complexity to the way trucking has been done for years.

So how do transportation companies adapt? How do they keep up with the chaos?

An innovative industry leader for nearly 40 years, Chuck Melton and his team at Melton Technologies have found a solution to keep up. Over the past four years they have thrown everything behind the creation of a software addressing this exact problem. This software is HorizonGo. The new technology gets to the heart of logistics - getting something from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible. HorizonGo helps companies keep up with the complexities and adapt, by giving customers the power of fleet management in the cloud. It provides ultimate transparency for the shipper, receiver, and fleet manager and as the name implies, it is completely mobile.

This tool will give trucking companies connectivity, mobility, and flexibility with any change that is destined to occur. It allows key members of the company to see all their data live. Vital data like, if a load is unassigned, new, dispatched, delivered, or canceled, and all key indicators like billing, pickup, delivery, tractor, and trailer. This data is necessary to run efficiently for every trucking company in 2020.

Chuck Melton says, "The impact on the economy has been devastating. In spite of this crisis, or maybe because of this crisis, we have to look forward. HorizonGo is our way of lifting our industry partners and reinvigorating the supply chain."

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