New Online Company Offers One-stop Supplements Solution

BOULDER, Colorado, June 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fitness-minded individuals can now get all of the top supplements and protein powder brands in one place with the launch of the new company Fuel Station, which promises high-quality products and fast shipping.

The company, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, was established in early 2020. Fuel Station is focused on providing everyone -- from all-star athletes to those who want to live a more health-conscious lifestyle -- with the supplements they need to power their workouts. It was set up, the founders say, with the goal of making it as simple as possible for customers to browse and select the products they need to help them lead healthy lives.

Fuel Station was also born out of a love for the great outdoors. Boulder is an area known for hiking and fitness, and most Fuel Station employees hike and bike. The brand was created to fuel this lifestyle and provide people with the optimal nutrition they need to support their healthy, active lifestyles.

The site, which is located at, carries protein and fitness products, meal replacements, and weight-management solutions. Its food and drink section sells ready-to-drink products, as well as shakes, teas, and weight-loss drinks.

One of the top brands sold by Fuel Station is Designer Whey from California company Designer Protein, which has been making a range of protein powders from its base in Carlsbad for over 25 years. Designer Whey offers whey protein concentrate and isolate options that provide anywhere from 15 to 32 grams of protein per serving and contain ingredients like glutamine, leucine, taurine, and phenylalanine to help boost workouts and recovery. It's made in the United States and comes in environmentally sustainable packaging.

Fuel Station promises a high level of customer service and offers free standard shipping on all orders. These essential elements of online shopping are based on what Fuel Station calls its favorite questions: "How can we serve the customer better, and how can we serve them faster?" To do this, the newly launched retailer says that its delivery service is under constant evaluation so that it can maintain its "unrivaled shipping speeds."

Orders are shipped via USPS, and customers can choose one of the following shipping options during checkout: First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express. International shipping is unavailable at this time. As for returns, Fuel Station's policy states that the company will accept unopened products if they are sent back within 14 days of delivery.

Fuel Station CEO Bruce Gibson said that the new company came about as a result of a need among consumers to buy top-quality protein powders and supplements in one place that they could rely on.

"We're delighted to open our online doors to everyone who wants to get the very best in supplements, meal replacements, protein powders, and more--superior products designed to fuel their busy lives and workout and fitness goals," Gibson said.

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