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The rapid premiumization in chocolate confectionery and the rising demand for gluten-free chocolates are expected to foster the growth of the chocolate confectionery market in the coming years,” says a market research expert from Infiniti Research.

Engagement Overview:

The client is a chocolate confectionery manufacturer based out of Belgium. The rising competition from new players that provide snacks such as energy bars increased competition for the client. Also, rapid fluctuations in the prices of raw materials hampered the company’s production volume and adversely affected the profit margins. The company also imported raw materials from other countries. However, the client noted that prices for imported raw materials such as cocoa butter, sugar, almonds, and vanilla climbed to record levels due to unfavorable weather conditions in producer countries. To address these rising challenges, the chocolate confectionery manufacturer realized the need to gather comprehensive insights into the market demands and industry developments. As such, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence solution.

For companies in the chocolate confectionery market, there are four strategic areas to focus on - recovering revenue, rebuilding operations, rethinking the organization, and accelerating the adoption of digital solutions. Our business continuity support solutions can help you focus on these areas and maintain profitability in the long run. Contact us here.

Our Approach:

  • Market opportunity assessment to analyze the chocolate confectionery market changes and industry developments
  • Competitive intelligence study to gather comprehensive insights into the top companies in the chocolate confectionery market
  • Market trend analysis study to identify trends gaining popularity in the chocolate confectionery market
  • Demand management study to understand demand patterns in the chocolate confectionery market

Business impact of the market intelligence solution for the chocolate confectionery market client:

By leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solution, the chocolate confectionery manufacturer was able to identify the best-selling products in the market, analyze trends gaining popularity, and monitor price fluctuations in the market.

Also, the chocolate confectionery manufacturer was also able to:

  • Focus more on developing energy bars for attracting health-conscious consumers
  • Manage the production volume and make informed business decisions to meet the market demand
  • Acquire new customers and enhance sales
  • Enhance profits by 23%

Dramatic shifts in the chocolate confectionery industry, customer expectations, and demand patterns create a need for equally dramatic shifts in strategies to create competitive advantage and new customer value propositions. Request more info to learn how we can help chocolate confectionery manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage and ensure business continuity.

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