Industrial Scaled Hemp Fiber Processing is here with Global Hemp Solutions

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., June 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Global Hemp Solutions is offering the world-leading hemp fiber processing equipment as a turn-key project complete with business plans showing profits in year one all while paying farmers upon delivery for their crop versus split agreements that appeared to hurt the industry in previous years of processing hemp.

Consistency and volume are what many are chasing in the hemp industry. Buyers are looking for suppliers that can provide a consistent product all the while processors are looking for scaled equipment that is proven to produce a marketable product. Take this a step further and you see there are retailers and manufacturers waiting for these products to become more readily available at affordable prices to manufacture consumer products.

Global Hemp Solutions has partnered with the world leader in hemp fiber processing equipment known as Cretes, based in Europe. Cretes is known for their patented fiber processing technology with facilities currently in operation outside of the US.

GHS is known for forming many partnerships with some of the leaders in the hemp industry. Founder/CEO Jeremy Luciano and Chief Operating Officer Vini Villatoro solidified an agreement with Cretes as the US Distributor with contingencies to have full exclusivity in year one.

That's not all, though!

Global Hemp Solutions formed a new relationship between their US based manufacturing team in Kentucky and Cretes to manufacture many of the processing equipment components here in the US in order to increase jobs and production volume which will allow for multiple facilities to come on line simultaneously in 2021 as well as provide a need for farmers to raise industrial hemp for fiber.

Vini Villatoro, MSc, whom has a BS in Computer Science Engineering, a BA in Business Administration, an MBA and a Masters in Science with a focus in Operations Research, has devised fully detailed, year one profitable, business plans and investor decks that are provided to each of the GHS equipment clients to achieve funding from investors and position each client for success. Villatoro and team have developed a business model for this industry that will provide the farmers with a helping hand.

Each facility built can produce about 20,000 tons of long technical hemp fiber ready to be cottonized, 7,000 tons of short hemp fiber for non-woven applications, 44,000 tons of dust-free hemp hurd to spec and baled, and 2,000 tons of hemp dust/pellets per year.

With the many partnerships GHS has formed and this new technology they are bringing into the United States, GHS is positioned to open the way for so many farmers to find relief and help the hemp industry grow.

To inquire about the hemp fiber processing equipment or secure final product, contact Global Hemp Solutions at (740) 444-4367 or on their website at

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