Data Analytics Startup, COVEX 2020, Releases New AI Analysis that Predicts Where COVID-19 is Headed Later this Month

NEW YORK, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The data analytics startup, COVEX 2020, has released the first AI analysis that looks into how the George Floyd protests across the country will likely impact COVID-19 infection rates over the following weeks.

The data analysis used public data from John Hopkins University and proprietary machine learning from COVEX 2020 to project where infection rates will likely be on June 23rd. The analysis, which took place on June 10th, suggests a grim outlook for New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The analysis suggests New York City will see a 5.5 percent increase in infection rates starting on June 23rd, or an additional 14,496 new cases. In comparison, the 10-days leading up to the analysis showed infection rates were steadily slowing with a rate increase of less than 2 percent.

The data analysis also suggests Los Angeles will see the largest infection rate increase of the major protest cities. LA's projected infection growth will be 8.46 percent on June 23rd - followed by Chicago at 8.22 percent; Washington, DC at 7.99 percent and Atlanta at 6.95 percent.

The CEO of COVEX2020, Christopher Malter, said the data analysis was intended to showcase how AI and analytics can help health officials contain the Coronavirus until a vaccine is created.

"The government is trying to contain future outbreaks by physically tracking people and calling them. That won't work when it comes to containment," said Malter. "If we're going to contain this Coronavirus, we need to physically track people using technology. The AI is here and ready to use. Right now, there's no way to alert those protesters if they were in close proximity to people who were carrying COVID-19. But using this enterprise software, we can know and communicate to these potential carriers faster than physically calling them up."

Current government plans call for hiring 100,000-300,000 workers to physically track patients who tested positive at a cost of $65,000/year per worker.

A Closer Look at Future COVID-19 Cases

New York City was beginning to plateau in cases before the protests started, but by the end of June, there are projected to be 277,889 confirmed cases.
Los Angeles is slightly more manageable with a projected 80,595 confirmed cases by the end of June.
Washington DC's confirmed cases are projected to be 13,122 total cases.

Chicago's Cook County is projected to have 107,796 total cases by June 24th and 143,461 total cases by July 22nd.

States with the Highest Projected Number of Cases on June 24th

New York - 480,189 (an increase of over 110,000)
New Jersey- 216,142 (an increase of over 55,000)
California- 151,832 (an increase of nearly 40,000)
Illinois- 166,243 (an increase of 46,000)
Massachusetts- 137,594 (an increase of 40,000)

Malter said their data analytics team is now in the process of studying how socio economics, race and neighborhoods play a role in determining who is more or less likely to test positive for COVID-19.

"On the surface, we've already observed a relationship that resembles the digital divide," said Malter. "Our team is digging deeper but it appears factors like access to high speed Internet appears to be a predictive indicator to your chances of testing positive or negative to COVID-19. We've already observed how predominant neighborhoods of color are more likely to have higher cases of COVID-19 infections. Our data is also suggesting that it's not just limited to race but also income and Internet connectivity."

COVEX 2020 is an AI company dedicated to developing real time enterprise solutions connecting customers with end users through smart technology. COVEX 2020 has formed partnerships with Stanford and Oxford University, RWJ Barnabas Medical Center, Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Fintel Labs.

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