ProTek Devices' Intros Hybrid Semiconductor for AC Power Circuit Protection

TEMPE, Ariz., June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ProTek Devices has introduced a new patent-pending series of hybrid semiconductor components for AC power supply circuit protection in consumer and industrial applications like home appliances, industrial equipment automation controls, instrumentation, and SMART meters. The new semiconductor technology is an ideal replacement for surface mount metal oxide varistor (MOV) devices.

The PHYTVSxxxV3 series is designed to protect industrial and consumer applications where a reliable overvoltage solution with lower clamping voltage is required. Compared with a MOV, ProTek Devices' new series of components offer a more robust product in a small form factor. It does not present a wear-out mechanism common with MOVs. The use of semiconductor technology significantly extends its operation lifetime.

The new PHYTVSxxxV3 series are compatible with IEC industry standards 61000-4-2 (ESD): level 4 air ±15kV, contact ±8kV; with 61000-4-4 (EFT): 40A; and with 61000-4-5 (surge): L-L class 2, 250Apk, 8/20 micro seconds, 500V with Req = 2 Ohms. It provides bidirectional operation for 50/60/400Hz AC lines. They are also RoHS and REACH compliant.

The series consists of three devices. The PHYTVS125V3 has a typical operating voltage of 125V, the PHYTVS250V3 has a typical operating voltage of 250V, and the PHYTVS277V3 has a typical operating voltage of 277V.

Mechanical, Packaging and Availability Information
ProTek Devices' PHYTVSxxxV3 series is provided in a low profile and space-saving molded DFN-2-KW package. It has a form factor compatible with SMT 3225 and an approximate weight of just 2.5 grams. Other mechanical and packaging characteristics include lead-free tin matte plating that is available for SMT reflow soldering. The solder reflow temperature is 260-270 degrees Celsius, 10 seconds. Operating and storage temperatures are -55 to 125 degrees Celsius. And, the flammability rating is UL 94V-0.

This series of hybrid semiconductor TVS components is provided on 12mm tape and reel, per EIA Standard 481, in quantities starting at 2,500 units. Pricing information and purchasing details can be obtained by contacting any authorized worldwide distributor, representative, or directly with ProTek Devices. These sales sources are available throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and more. Full contact information for all regions can be found at the company website.

About ProTek Devices
In business more than 25 years, ProTek Devices(TM) is a privately held semiconductor company. It offers a comprehensive product line of circuit protection devices. This includes overvoltage protection components and overcurrent protection components. Its transient voltage suppressors (TVS array), avalanche breakdown diodes, steering diode TVS arrays, PPTC devices, and electronic SMD chip fuses are widely used. Household brands and many other companies use ProTek Devices' products to protect investments made in electronics designs and investments customers make in their products. Circuit protection is provided against lightning; electrostatic discharge (ESD); nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP); inductive switching; and electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI). ProTek Devices is based in Tempe, Ariz. It sells its components through a worldwide network of distributors and representatives across the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and more. Additional information is available at

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