Canary Compliance Launches AlarmAssist Virtual Assistant to Transform Petroleum Field Service

PHILADELPHIA, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Canary Compliance is proud to announce the release of its proprietary AlarmAssist virtual assistant software. This revolutionary software product will save underground storage tank (UST) owners and petroleum field service providers money and time.

AlarmAssist software acts as a virtual leak detection analyst. The software accurately and reliably diagnoses, interprets, and prioritizes UST leak detection alarm conditions before human intervention is required.

AlarmAssist includes three software features designed for UST field service providers:

    --  Real-time, automated diagnosis of alarms based on conditional logic
    --  Remote maintenance tools to triage equipment issues from a phone or
    --  Automated generation of precise, actionable service instructions to
        improve technician preparation and efficiency when on-site service is

AlarmAssist is proven to reduce the overhead required to accurately and reliably manage UST leak detection alarms by up to 93%. Field service technicians dispatched using AlarmAssist resolve over 90% of leak detection equipment issues on their first trip, thanks to more consistent, precise, and actionable work orders.

AlarmAssist is the first software tool in the petroleum industry to leverage sophisticated conditional logic rules to capture, analyze, and interpret every single tank monitor alarm that occurs at a site. The proprietary rules engine that powers Canary's AlarmAssist software was developed with extensive input from environmental experts, service technicians, petroleum retailers, regulators, equipment manufacturers, and UST compliance analysts.

Frank Webb, owner of Webb Environmental, said, "Most gas station owners are focused on uptime and customer experience. They don't like getting into the weeds of managing UST compliance and maintenance alarms. Canary's AlarmAssist software lets me provide a full-service UST maintenance program to my customers without adding overhead or outsourcing alarms to an expensive call center." Webb added that, "in 2020, field techs need to conduct remote maintenance whenever possible. They also need specific, actionable service instructions if a site visit is required. AlarmAssist gives us both of those things."

Chris Courtney, Operations Manager for Maples Gas Company, said, "Our team is so busy running our day-to-day operations that we don't have time to manually evaluate every alarm that occurs. AlarmAssist handles alarm analysis automatically, reliably, and accurately, which increases our efficiency and reduces our risk exposure. AlarmAssist also helps us identify trends and patterns so we can tell where we should make equipment changes to optimize our operations."

Canary Compliance is a technology company based in Philadelphia, PA, that helps underground storage tank owners and operators achieve and maintain regulatory compliance in the most reliable and cost-effective way possible. Canary Compliance's remote tank monitoring technology is currently deployed in thousands of UST facilities in the United States.

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