CrewMinders Launches Platform Designed to Rapidly Communicate Health and Safety Messages to Frontline Workers

ATLANTA, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CrewMinders, the Atlanta based technology firm empowering organizations to improve communications and compliance, announces the launch of its new platform to help clients develop world-class safety cultures. CrewMinders is optimizing the way employers communicate with hourly employees through simple, elegant, and rapidly deployable tools that ensure employees are safe, healthy, and informed.

With CrewMinders, companies can transform how they communicate key health and safety messages to their employees. The platform allows employers to custom tailor messages, deliver quality safety content to employees, receive feedback, and identify gaps in employee health and safety training. CrewMinders robust analytics dashboard provides companies with insights into the effectiveness of their safety messages and facilitates a data-driven approach to changing the behavior of frontline employees to achieve world-class safety standards.

When D.W. White, New England's most innovative heavy civil contractor, was looking for a way to safely get employees back to work on their Boston Logan Internal Airport project after a statewide COVID-19 shutdown they looked to CrewMinders. "We needed a way to get back to work quickly and safely," says D.W. White Operations Manager Peter Pavao. "Before implementing CrewMinders, our crews were arriving on the construction site to fill out CDC safety screening questionnaires. We knew there must be a safer and more efficient way to collect this information, and CrewMinders had the answer. Now before coming to work, our employees answer the CDC safety screening questions, and we can see who is at risk before they step foot on site. CrewMinders allows us to send an automated text message every day and follow up with our teams, all without the need for apps."

"Our customers were looking for a simple and elegant way to take their stale, aging safety content into the 21st century. We listened to them and developed CrewMinders to help the country's leading construction, manufacturing, fitness, and restaurant companies provide the tools necessary to engage, empower, and positively change their employees' behavior. Our customers can deliver automated micro-targeted safety content that drives positive safety behaviors and provides employers with valuable feedback to improve their safety messages continuously," said Rabun Lewis, CrewMinders' General Manager.

As the United States looks to get the economy up and running, CrewMinders provides the tools to ensure employees are safe and healthy before coming to work. A new implementation can launch within a day.

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Founded in 2020, CrewMinders is the premier frontline employee engagement platform. Based in Atlanta, CrewMinders builds elegantly simple solutions to help companies communicate rapidly with their teams. We are passionate about our customers and deeply engage with them to understand how we can solve their problems. Our mission is to provide employers with the communication tools necessary to ensure their workers are safe and healthy. Learn more at

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