Vulog Releases Its New B2B Suite, Opening New Recurring Revenue Streams for Mobility Service Providers in the Post Pandemic Economy

PARIS, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vulog, the leading shared mobility technology provider, announced today the release of its new offer, the B2B Suite. In the aftermath of Covid-19 companies are looking for more cost-effective, safe, and sustainable mobility solutions. MSPs stand to benefit, which is why Vulog developed the B2B Suite: a solution that enables MSPs to provide the most advanced B2B service available on the market today.

Vulog has leveraged its years of expertise, team of top engineers, and leading AiMA platform to develop a comprehensive B2B solution. By combining the B2B Suite with their standing B2C offer, MSPs can enlarge their user base, increase their utilization rate, and maximize their business performance. The B2B Suite creates an additional revenue stream, facilitating MSPs in providing a top of the line service to local businesses with the assurance that their tech is 100% future-proof.

Vulog's B2B Suite has been tested in both Brussels and Antwerp by their client, Poppy Mobility. Owned by D'Ieteren, the Belgian market leader in vehicle distribution, Poppy is a free-floating multimodal shared mobility service that launched in 2018 with a fleet of 1,000 vehicles.

"We are proud to support our clients by providing them with a comprehensive solution that allows operators worldwide to develop completely new revenue streams in addition to their existing B2C services," says Vulog CEO Gregory Ducongé, "Poppy is a fantastic example in Belgium. This development facilitates shared mobility operator's path to profitability and is very promising during this pivotal time for mobility services worldwide."

Vulog's B2B Suite is able to be implemented in any city worldwide and is vehicle agnostic. The offer is ideal for those operators who are seeking to open an additional source of revenue, enhance their offer, and provide the best and most successful services in their cities.


Sarah VanSickle

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