Sitel Group Announces New Webinar Series: EmpowerCX Now Spotlight Series

MIAMI, June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sitel Group, a leading global customer experience management provider that delivers more than 3.5 million customer experiences every day, today announced it will host a new webinar series, EmpowerCX NOW Spotlight Series featuring Sitel Group executives, industry thought leaders, analysts and more. Sitel Group's new, free webinar series will keep customer experience (CX) stakeholders informed on the latest innovations within the industry.

"With everything going on in the world right now, we are excited to offer a series of virtual events to keep the conversation around innovations in CX going," said Martin Wilkinson-Brown, Global CMO, Sitel Group. "With a rapidly changing business environment, it is more important than ever for the CX industry to stay connected to share insights, best practices and trends driving the future of CX."

The webinar series schedule is as follows:

    --  Week of June 22: Smart Collections - in this webinar, Joshua Rogowsky,
        VP of Smart Collections at Sitel Group and Faran Taher, VP of Client
        Servicing, LendingUSA will delve into collections and customer
        experience. Webinar participants will learn how to leverage speech
        analytics for better compliance and effectiveness, how LendingUSA, a
        leading one-stop solution for consumer financing needs, leverages Sitel
        Group's expertise to deliver best practices and much more.
    --  Week of July 13: MAXhubs - the launch of MAXhubs - a new take on the
        contact center drawing on inspiration from co-working spaces - is the
        latest innovation from Sitel Group. In this webinar, registrants will
        hear directly from Olivier Camino, Sitel Group's Global COO and
        Co-Founder on why MAXhubs are critical to CX programs across all
    --  Week of July 20: CX Index 2020 - Customer Experience and the Impact of
        COVID-19 - in this webinar, customer experience experts from the U.S.
        and U.K. will discuss the results of Sitel Group's proprietary research
        comparing consumer behavior pre- and post-COVID-19.
    --  Week of August 17: How Speech Analytics Maximize Agent Productivity -
        Cris Kuehl, VP of Insights & Client Analytics at Sitel Group will share
        how speech analytics can be leveraged to increase agent engagement,
        automatically retrieve information by predicting caller intent reducing
        talk and handle time and transcribe calls in real-time reducing agent
        after-call work.

The group's annual EmpowerCX conference has been postponed to 2021 in San Diego due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The group will hold EmpowerCX Virtual September 16-17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST in a virtual setting for audiences across the globe. Sign up for updates at

Sitel Group is offering free webinars to keep customer experience (CX) stakeholders informed on the latest innovations within the industry.

Those looking to stay up to date on future webinar topics and to register for the EmpowerCX NOW Spotlight Series can do so at this

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Sitel Group's 80,000 people across the globe connect many of the world's best-known brands with their customers - 3.5 million times every day. As a global customer experience (CX) management leader, we apply our 30+ years of industry-leading experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of our group's founders to deliver omnichannel experiences through voice, chat, social media and more to customers of our 400+ clients across all verticals - from Fortune 500 companies to local startups.

Our group's breadth of capabilities - powered by our ecosystem of experts including innso, Learning Tribes, Sitel, Sitel Insights and TSC - go beyond business process outsourcing (BPO) to support every stage of the customer journey. We are redefining the contact center and improving business results by pairing innovative solutions - such as self-care and automation - with the human touch, emotion and empathy of our people.

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