uMETHOD Health Announces the Release of a Revolutionary Methodology to Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline

RALEIGH, N.C., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- uMETHOD is excited to announce the release of its breakthrough methodology -- called ExtND METHOD -- designed to finally provide a prevention solution to the over 70 million women and men in the USA at risk of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline. The complexity of treating and preventing cognitive decline due to dozens of biological mechanisms and hundreds of interventions is now made straightforward through the application of uMETHOD's proprietary methodology based on artificial intelligence. The ExtND METHOD enables doctors to have a straightforward way to practice and prevent brain decline, by providing personalized plans tailored to each individual. This solution has been developed and deployed at leading medical institutions across the US.

Today, there are no drugs that modify the course of Alzheimer's disease. However, extensive research (such as the FINGER study and its worldwide follow-ons, and work at Weill Cornell) demonstrates value in early intervention and prevention for those at risk of Alzheimer's disease. The biological progression of Alzheimer's disease tends to start in the brain 10 to 20 years before the onset of symptoms. Thus, there is an opportunity to address its risk factors aggressively at younger ages - people in their 40s and 50s - long before symptoms can emerge. This is particularly urgent for those with a family history or a genetic risk of Alzheimer's disease. Each person has unique genetics and their own unique set of health factors that drive cognitive decline. Personalized, multi-domain treatments are well-studied; when applied, they have been shown to alter the trajectory for developing Alzheimer's disease.

uMETHOD uniquely focuses on this personalized approach to prevention. It uses artificial intelligence to interpret data from someone's blood and urine tests, their demographics, their medical history, lifestyle, and more. The technology fits the person's data against the wide scientific research on Alzheimer's disease. It then produces individualized care plans that help doctors' practice complex prevention methodologies - letting them work effectively with large numbers of patients within their community. uMETHOD's methodologies are enhanced regularly to incorporate new research, so doctors apply the latest medical knowledge to the care of their patients.

"This is a landmark moment in the fight to tackle a debilitating disease that disproportionately affects women," said Cindy Eckert, CEO of The Pink Ceiling. "Women comprise two-thirds of those diagnosed with Alzheimer's today. It's comforting to know that advanced technology is now being applied to stop decline or improve a remarkable 76% of patients. With uMETHOD's technology as their backbone, major academic institutions will lead the way in bringing these new and effective treatment plans to the masses."

"Several neurological diseases are now recognized as complex diseases with multiple underlying causes. Dementia and the spectrum of Alzheimer's disease are the most prevalent." said Christina Noble, Chief Growth Officer at Sonora Quest Laboratories in Arizona. "Personalized methodologies, such as those developed by uMETHOD Health, are the future for prevention and treatment of complex neurological disorders. The growing use of artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the care and outcomes of complex diseases."

"The financial impact of Alzheimer's disease to individuals, their families, and to the health system is large." said Vik Chandra, CEO of uMETHOD Health. "Our society spends over $250B annually on the care of those with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Availability of uMETHOD's practical and effective prevention methodologies should help shrink the accelerating costs of caring for the elderly."

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