Procore Launches New Platform Features to Advance Collaboration and Communication in Construction at Next Steps Summit

CARPINTERIA, Calif., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Procore Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of construction management software, today launched seven new user-requested platform features, enabling greater collaboration and communications capabilities across the construction project lifecycle. Procore's new features were introduced at Next Steps Summit, the company's virtual construction industry event.

New additions to the Procore platform include Action Plans, Correspondence, Custom and Configurable Fields, Procore Connect, Procore Search, Real-Time Labor Costing, and a Web-Based 3D Model Viewer.

    --  Action Plans*With the new Action Plans tool, part of Procore Quality &
        Safety, users can access and take action on inspections, forms,
        specifications, drawings, documents, and submittals from one
        collaborative tool, in one controlled location. This enables turning
        over a complete picture of work and plan outcomes with construction
        action plan templates, signatory sign-off, and access to real-time,
        actionable documentation. Learn more about the Action Plans tool here.

    --  Correspondence* The Correspondence tool, available in Project
        Management, allows users to capture and manage all communications across
        a project in one system of record, minimizing the risk for
        miscommunication and contractual disputes. If a dispute does arise, the
        correspondence history is easily accessible with Procore. While users
        can apply the functionality of this tool to organize their inboxes, they
        can also convert any correspondence into a change event or RFI. Users
        can also link correspondence to a specific markup on a drawing using
        just a few clicks with this new tool. "We needed to establish more rigor
        around our contract administration and correspondence with clients
        without it being difficult for anyone. Procore has centralized our data
        for a more professional outcome." - David Laycock, Project Manager, Kane
        Constructions QueenslandLearn more about the Correspondence tool here.

    --  Custom and Configurable Fields The combination of Custom and
        Configurable Fields across Procore tools allows customers of all types
        to create a unique Procore experience for their users. Turn fields on or
        off, mark them required, optional or hidden with Configurable Fields.
        Or, add brand new fields to your tools to help collect the exact data
        points you're looking for with Custom Fields. This combination of
        features makes Procore's flexible tools easy to modify so they meet the
        exact needs of your team.

    --  Procore Connect* Procore Connect allows users to share data across
        different Procore accounts. With the appropriate permissions, account
        users can share project information with peers who are working within
        their own separate company account. This makes collaboration smoother by
        cutting down on double entry and giving users easier access to their
        project data, from which they can pull insights. Procore Connect makes
        it easier than ever to manage the flow of project data while ensuring
        everyone is working off the same information. Procore Connect is
        available on the RFI and Daily Log tools. Watch this video to learn more
        about Procore Connect.

    --  Procore Search Procore Search gives users the ability to search across
        Procore's tools from one location, without ever leaving their home page.
        This dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to locate
        information within Procore. Speed up your search process with type ahead
        functionality and preview search results from across all of Procore's
        connected tools before diving into the exact item you're looking for.

    --  Real-Time Labor Costing For self-performing contractors, labor costs can
        make or break the project budget. Procore has launched a new deep data
        integration with Procore Field Productivity and Procore Project
        Financials to deliver Real-Time Labor Costing on projects. With the
        Procore Platform, the moment labor hours are submitted, they are
        instantly applied to the budget as a cost. Project Managers can now
        track labor costs in real-time, identify at-risk scopes of work, and act
        quickly to make decisions that positively impact project budgets and
        profitability. Learn more about Real-Time Labor Costing here.

    --  Web-Based 3D Model Viewer In 2019 Procore BIM was released as a highly
        performant 3D model viewer for iOS mobile devices. At Next Steps Summit,
        Procore announced the enhancement to Procore BIM with the release of a
        highly performant web-based models viewer. This ensures that members of
        the project team can view and navigate 3D models without needing a
        license to complex modeling software or sync large files to their
        computer. Procore BIM puts 3D models in the hands of the people actually
        installing and validating the work in the field, so the work gets done
        right the first time. "Pre-COVID, we were already doing so much
        virtually. But our project sites have been impacted the most, and having
        the Procore BIM web viewer and mobile viewer available for them when
        we're not on site is a win as we try to get through these difficult
        times." - Greg Low, ICT Director at Okland Construction Learn more about
        the web-based 3D Model Viewer here.

Next Steps Summit
The Next Steps Summit, which focused on making progress during the COVID-19 pandemic, brought together construction industry experts, technology advocates, and Procore leaders to discuss the current and future state of the industry.

The conversation focused on how users can leverage Procore--an open, flexible, connected, and secure platform--to gain insights that will prepare their construction businesses to move forward with success. A recording of Next Steps Summit is available here.

*Feature is in beta.

About Procore
Procore is a leading provider of construction management software. Our platform connects every project stakeholder to solutions we've built specifically for the construction industry--for the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. Procore's App Marketplace has a multitude of partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with our platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, Procore has offices around the globe. Learn more at


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