Smith Receives AS6081 Certification at Its European Distribution Center

HOUSTON, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Smith, a global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, today announces its certification to the AS6081 standard at its warehouse in Amsterdam. AS6081 is an SAE aerospace standard that recognizes Smith's capability to meet specific inspection and laboratory-testing requirements for parts purchased in the open market and intended for aerospace applications.

Smith's Houston headquarters and its Hong Kong distribution facility received AS6081 certification in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Achieving global certification with the addition of its Amsterdam hub further expands Smith's worldwide testing qualifications, verifying the company's ability to prevent counterfeit electronic parts from entering the supply chain and helping Smith to better serve customers. AS6081 standards provide uniform requirements, practices, and methods to assure the avoidance, detection, mitigation, and proper disposition of counterfeit parts.

Baseline procedures, including comprehensive documentation, detailed visual analysis, permanent remarking, X-ray, XRF, and decapsulation testing of parts, are outlined in the AS6081 certification. Additional authenticity testing - such as thermal testing, electrical evaluation, and scanning acoustic microscopy - can be performed upon customer request under AS6081 guidelines. Moreover, the certification validates Smith's stringent supplier qualification processes. Whenever possible, Smith sources parts directly from authorized distributors and OCMs in an effort to minimize risk and effectively manage product traceability.

"This certification validates Smith's commitment to maintaining the highest standards for our products and services at all of our global operations hubs," said Kirk Wehby, Smith's Chief Operating Officer. "No matter where our customers are in the world, our mirrored capabilities consistently provide the same high-quality components and supply chain solutions across the board."

"Smith's AS6081 certification recognizes our ability to adhere to the rigorous requirements of our aerospace customers around the world," said Wehby. "We are proud to have our Amsterdam location's dedication to this standard confirmed."

About Smith

Founded in 1984,?Smith?sources, manages, and distributes the electronic components that go into everything from mobile phones and computers to appliances and directional drilling systems. In 16 cities around the world, Smith's legion of employees communicates in 50 languages and dialects and buys and sells components 24 hours per day, with global annual sales in excess of $1.35 billion. Smith is always moving: helping manufacturers navigate market shifts; customizing supply chain solutions; testing components using cutting-edge technology. The support of Smith's flexible Intelligent DistributionTM?model optimizes customers' supply chains from beginning to end, including offering customized options for IT asset disposition that deliver maximum ROI, sustainability, and security. Smith's testing and logistics hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam cover critical areas like quality management, counterfeit prevention, and environmental safety. Smith's operations, purchasing, and sales worldwide are seamlessly integrated with the company's global IT infrastructure, offering real-time, global inventory and logistics visibility. Smith is the leading independent distributor of electronic components and ranks number nine among all global distributors. For more information, please visit or reach out to a Smith representative any time of day at +1 713.430.3000.