BOC Group Introduces ADONIS 10.0 - Delivering Dramatic Power and Capability

DUBLIN, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BOC Group today announced ADONIS 10.0, the latest release of their BPM suite, bringing refinements at every level, from performance and usability, to design and security. Delivering new ways to collaborate, connect assets, visualize and consume BPM content, ADONIS 10.0 raises the bar of BPM experience and makes process work radically faster and more fluid.

"ADONIS 10.0 is packed with more intelligence and power throughout, and delivers smart updates to features our users love and use the most - Drag & Drop is now available directly in the explorer to create relations between various BPM assets, Search is more collaborative than ever with the possibility to share queries with others, and the Organization portal is thoughtfully redesigned to provide the ultimate content consumption experience," said Tobias Rausch, ADONIS product manager.

"Everything is more dynamic, powerful and practical, all while offering a faster performance. We're excited for users to experience what we have coming for them with this latest release, and can't wait to hear their thoughts on the new features."

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, ADONIS 10.0 introduces an abundance of other features, like the Prolongation of Document Validity making document versioning more flexible than ever, carefully designed together to provide an experience that truly stands apart!

A detailed insight into the latest innovations of ADONIS is available on the BOC Group website.

BOC Group recommends all interested parties to register for the Free Trial to discover the full potential of this powerful BPM suite.

About the BOC Group

BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and extensive management of all capabilities and assets within your organization. The company puts a strong emphasis on improving Process Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities, as well as facilitating better Governance and Compliance.

ADONIS global customers include, among others, Airbus, Allianz, Emerson, Generali, Hilti, Rewe and Telefonica.

We deliver our products and services with over 200 employees spread across Athens, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Winterthur with more than 90 partners around the globe.

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