Siemon Expands its Line of Cost-Effective Rack and Cable Management Solutions with the New Value Vertical Cable Manager System

WATERTOWN, Conn., June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, today announced a key expansion to its family of cost-effective open rack and cable management solutions with the launch of its new Value Vertical Cable Manager (VVCM) system. Specifically developed to integrate with Siemon's 2-Post Value Rack, 19" Rack-Mount Horizontal Cable Managers, and pathway support accessories to provide a fully unified equipment mounting and cable management solution, these new high-capacity Vertical Cable Managers deliver a wide array of user-friendly features not typically available at such an aggressive price point.

Easily assembled in as little as 5 minutes, the new 7', 45U vertical managers mount directly to Siemon's 2-Post Value Rack (RS1-07-S) as well as other Siemon racking options for a rapidly-deployable rack and cable management system. Available in widths of 4" (10cm), 6" (15cm), 10" (25cm) and 12" (300cm), the VVCMs are offered in both single and double-sided versions to enable a broad range of infrastructure topologies, simultaneously supporting cord management for high-density patching fields, efficiently routing horizontal cables, mounting PDUs, and routing equipment power cords.

The VVCM's ability to simplify both the deployment and long-term management of critical network cabling infrastructures is based on a number of Siemon innovations and exclusive features. Unlike most contractor-grade vertical managers, which typically utilize difficult to operate snap-on covers, the Siemon VVCM line features dual-hinged doors with "one-finger" spring release clips at each corner. This user-friendly design allows the doors to be opened in either direction to improve pathway accessibility and are much simpler to open, close, remove, and re-attach than snap-on covers typically offered at this price point.

The VVCMs also feature Siemon's unique, high-capacity cable management finger design. Capable of managing large quantities of larger diameter cable and cords in high-density environments as challenging as 48-port, 1U Category 6A patch panels, the fingers align with each U space, providing clear pathways for transitioning into the vertical cable management space.

Within the vertical management space itself, the VVCM's highly versatile divider plate design provides an array of mounting options for cable management accessories and PDUs, including quarter-turn managers and hook and loop tabs for efficient cable routing and bundle separation, fiber spools for simple slack management, and standard PDU button mounts. The divider plates can also be reversed, allowing additional vertical space in either the front or rear of the manager as needed.

The VVCM line is delivered in ultra-compact, lightweight packaging to minimize shipping costs and storage space needs. Leveraging a half-height modular design, the VVCM ships flat-packed to simplify jobsite material handling, while still offering extremely fast, straightforward assembly.

"With the VVCM, we were able to meet the market need for a cost-effective, feature-rich vertical cable management solution," explained Peter Thickett, Siemon Product Manager - Data Center Systems. "Direct feedback from our installation partners and customers informed the whole project: 'fix the difficult to use snap-on covers on typical competitor products, make it easier to ship, store, and assemble, make it flexible enough to adapt to real-world applications, and make it affordable for day-to-day jobs.' We think we hit every mark."

Thickett also highlighted that while the VVCM offers a broad range of features and benefits by itself, its full value is realized when viewed as an element of Siemon's full Value Rack and Cable Management system. "The VVCM rounds out what was already a fairly comprehensive Value line of cost-effective cabling support solutions," he explained. "It was specifically designed to integrate with our 2-Post Value-Rack, Horizontal Cable Managers, and management accessories to deliver a completely unified, feature rich, and aggressively-priced equipment mounting and cable management solution."

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