Sevatec Awarded $48M Task Order to support TSA's Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service (LE/FAMS) with digital modernization

FAIRFAX, Va., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has awarded Sevatec a 48-month task order valued at $48M to support Flexible Agile Scalable Teams (FAST) under the Unrestricted GSA Alliant 2 GWAC. Under this task order, Sevatec will serve TSA's Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service mission through Agile Design, Development, and Application Production requirements for a suite of mission-critical applications across the entire agency.

Leveraging the most modern software development practices and deep experience with digital modernization across DHS, Sevatec will deliver improved software quality and value through a software delivery supply chain that integrates HCD, DevSecOps, cloud based deployments, continuous cybersecurity, and analytics into a comprehensive framework - enabling enhanced user experience while managing, monitoring, securing, and supporting system operations.

"It is truly an honor to be selected by TSA to support one of their most mission-critical portfolio of applications," says Sonny Kakar, Founder and CEO of Sevatec. "For years we have shared lessons learned across national security focused agencies, including TSA, to help facilitate collaboration and share solutions that address common challenges. We are fortunate that our experience working with the most forward leaning CIOs across the federal government informs our digital transformation strategy as we tackle our customer's mission imperatives."

About Sevatec
Sevatec builds the software that powers national security missions. Our Digital Software Supply Chain, called Shift Up(TM), which brings together commercial best practices and advanced technology tools in Agile delivery, human-centered design, DevSecOps, Cloud, Security, and Data, has helped us modernize several hundred applications across the federal government. Founded in 2003 on the concept of "Seva," meaning "to Serve a Greater Purpose," we serve the missions of homeland and law enforcement agencies, Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of Transportation, and multiple civilian departments and agencies.

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