ILOCX Funds the First 'KnapSack Club' Book Publication

LONDON, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ILOCX is pleased to announce success closing of funding for the first story book published by the KnapSack Club titled Petes Adventures.

We live now how we have never lived before. In this fast-paced age of technology we sometimes forget the simpler things. The simple acts of storytelling, something that has made bonds between people throughout centuries. The distance between the teller and the listener is getting shorter and the need for inclusivity through communication is getting stronger.

Dasha Davidyuk, the girl behind the KnapSack club tells us in her words the importance of the club for children and adults: "Storytelling can be described as the art of communication using narratives. This practice has been derived from folk stories which have been passed down generation after generation verbally and often in the written form. Scientifically, storytelling helps us cooperate and understand one another in an incredibly unique way. When listening to a story a function called 'neural coupling' begins to activate in the brain, which helps the listener to convert the idea presented in the story into their own experiences, easing communication. Storytelling also creates a mirroring pattern in the brain that enables the listener to have similar brain activity to the storyteller. This builds an understanding and motivation amongst the listeners. Stories allow the listener to learn and discover lessons seemingly on their own, as people create moral stories to tell children, story-telling overrides other forms of communication through its effectiveness. You're empowered as a storyteller when you share your life experiences, especially instances of when you had failed or made mistakes. It creates a unique connection with your listener as you show your vulnerability through admitting your wrongs."

She added; "Communication is deeply intertwined within the human experience. In our daily lives we communicate to deal with various problems and concerns we have. Communication helps us understand each other, the inability to communicate can lead to ignorance and problems within our lives and relationships. Humans are social animals; therefore, we have a compulsive need to communicate even when we have nothing substantial to say. Communication has evolved wildly in the last 30 years and has proven its strength during lockdown. From Zumba classes to school lessons, we have managed to stay connected digitally."

ILOCX plays a role in promoting the club and the new book via its network of online marketeers, the club fits perfectly with the ethos and corporate culture at ILOCX and this direct funding is a bet on the future importance of storytelling globally. A spokesman at ILOCX said, "KnapSack Club is an incredibly creative company and breeds more creativity in all its members, this is a great layer for us to build on and the venture happens to be also very commercially viable."

In light of recent events, new movements have shown just how important young voices are against bigger powers. Through various platforms, the next generation has gained a voice to speak up about issues that have been silenced for too long. When it comes to communicating, young individuals are the most important, as this will one day be their world, their planet to walk and their society to build. Communication is dynamic, continuous, and irreversible. It is an ongoing process that develops in integrity over time, meaning children may not have anything substantial to say now, but giving them a voice on a platform amongst other children will encourage them to share their ideas later on. Children growing up knowing that they have a voice means less people will suffer in silence in the future, empowering those to stand up to whatever they may face with the freedom of speech. Creating an equal world for our children starts with freedom and giving them a voice no matter how small it is.

The KnapSack Club wants to support the next generation in their voices, publish stories of young minds and encourage the freedom of thought. We aim to work as an eco-system, we provide charm bracelets with different animals and objects to inspire kids to write stories about them. Alongside the charm bracelets we create handmade notebooks using recycled paper and scraps for kids to write their stories in. Altogether, our loyal KnapSackers could get the official KnapSack, a backpack containing the charm bracelet, the notebook and some pencils, the ideal kit for kids to travel and write stories on the go with. All of these tools encourage kids to write stories about their experiences and the charms they've got. These stories are encouraged to be sent in on our website ( and will be published for all visitors to see, with the best ones being illustrated by the Knapsack Club's internal team and even converted into hardbacks, to be distributed on our page.

The internet has enabled us to create platforms for the people that wouldn't have a voice without it. Publishing the works of young children online reassures their strength in speech, and that every individual deserves to be heard, even from a young age. Implementing this unique attention to children and the stories they have to tell will mean they will be growing up with confidence in their speech, something that many adults nowadays are still missing. Explaining to children the power their words have is difficult, KnapSack is just trying to find a simpler way of doing so through a simpler concept. Knowledge is power and teaching valuable communication skills through storytelling empowers all of us, as we reach more people worldwide across the web. The KnapSack Club values the bonds built through storytelling, whether it's from parents to children or children to other children. Everyone has a voice that deserves to be shared, no matter how small you are.

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