At-Home Broadcasts Get a Hollywood Treatment with "ARFX Home Studio"

BURBANK, Calif., July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AR solutions provider ARwall has launched preorders for their latest augmented reality product, ARFX Home Studio, the work-from-home version of their proprietary virtual production tool ARFX. Catering to streamers and broadcasters alike, the studio will utilize at-home TV monitors or projectors to give creators a complete menu of photoreal virtual backdrops for shooting live and scripted content, no green screen required.

With Hollywood studio-grade technology previously used on the Syfy series Nightflyers and the red carpet premiere of HBO's Watchmen--as well as commercials, short films and music videos--ARFX Home Studio includes their virtual production backdrop software and the necessary hardware and accessories for at-home use. The home studio requires no green screen, and turns any HD TV monitor or projector into an immersive augmented reality backdrop for livestreams, live broadcasts and scripted shows filmed from home environments.

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ARwall's patented calibration software, XR Sync, turns ARFX Home Studio into a plug-and-play device, bundled with a digital toolset and preloaded 3D environments to get users up and running.

"ARFX Home Studio takes ARwall's award-winning virtual studio technology and patented XR Sync calibration toolset out of the Hollywood studio labs where it has revolutionized the filmmaking craft, and puts it in the hands of creators at home. Escape the boring backdrop, turn your TV or projector into a spectacular portal into any location you can imagine, no green screen involved," notes Rene Amador, CEO and co-founder of ARwall.

Adds ARwall CMO and co-founder Eric Navarrette, ""One of the goals of ARwall, when we were founding the company, was democratizing virtual production tools. These systems and workflows were extremely expensive and specialized, such that only projects with the largest budgets had access to them. I'm very proud that we're finally making good on that initial pledge. ARFX Home Studio places the world's fastest spatial imaging virtual production platform into the hands of filmmakers of all stripes, everyone from that filmmaker just launching their channel on YouTube or Twitch, to established industry veterans."

ARFX Home Studio boasts a variety of at-home specifications, including:

    --  Streamlined branding and ad integration using customizable 3D objects,
        banners & in-display ads
    --  The powerful ARFX real-time engine, with customizable photo-real
        environments, characters, vehicles, and motion graphics
    --  Presentation schematics with XR tools to enhance data points,
        interactive marketing & communication, creativity, and brand
    --  Tech support included for pre-orders at no additional cost

Pre-orders will be available from Monday, July 6 through September 21, 2020.

About ARwall

ARwall is a creative technology company, arming businesses and entertainment studios of the future to help them embrace virtual worlds.

After the launch of our inaugural product ARFX, which replaces the film and TV green screen with real-time augmented reality VFX displays, we expanded to deliver real-time tech solutions to entertainment and enterprise industries worldwide. Our interactive out-of-home AR experiences also automate customer service, product customization, and entire sales funnels, and give consumers a new way to interact with their favorite brands that require no headsets, goggles, or app downloads to participate.

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