Cazena Launches the Instant(TM) Cloud Data Lake, Expands Executive Team, Closes New Funding Round

WALTHAM, Mass., July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cazena today announced the launch of the Instant(TM) Cloud Data Lake, and two key moves as it scales to meet demand. The company has named Chad Garrett chief revenue officer (CRO) and closed an additional round of funding led by Michael Skok, founding partner at Underscore VC, who has also joined the Cazena board of directors.

Cloud data lakes have become mission-critical infrastructure for every analytics-driven enterprise. More than 50 percent of enterprises will add new data lakes over the next two years(1). Yet, most companies struggle with the complexity of cloud data lake deployments, resulting in six to nine months for deployment cycles and the need to hire scarce DevOps skills.

Cazena makes cloud data lakes easy for all enterprises, letting companies of any size create a production-ready cloud data lake instantly to accelerate a range of digital transformation and AI/ML use cases, from predictive maintenance to customer experience. Powered by its patented, fully automated data platform, with over five years of development and testing of real-world production workloads, Cazena delivers the first SaaS experience for data lakes with zero operational resources required.

"With the Instant Cloud Data Lake, Cazena customers have consistently experienced production-ready data lakes in minutes. Cazena has a 100 percent renewal rate, and our customers have grown their data lakes by an average of 64 percent without expanding their teams," said Cazena Founder and CEO Prat Moghe. "We are thrilled to have Chad Garrett join us as CRO to launch and scale this product to democratize cloud data lakes."

Chad Garrett will lead all revenue-related functions, including sales, channel programs, and business development. Garrett was previously CRO of Dataiku, SVP of Global Sales Strategy & Field Operations at Hortonworks, and GM & SVP of Analytics for TIBCO.

"Cazena offers two key benefits that no other solution can provide: instant time-to-analytics and liberation from the skills drag," said Garrett. "This means every enterprise can start benefiting from cost-effective analytics now. Not next month. Not next year. I'm very excited to join this world-class team to lead the cloud data lake revolution."

To further support expansion, Cazena closed an investment round led by Michael Skok, founding partner at Underscore VC. "Cazena's next-generation data platform is helping solve one of the biggest challenges that high-growth, data-driven companies face - reducing the time and cost of making information universally accessible and always available," said Skok. "Cazena's customer success is a testament to the differentiation and the transformative value of the company's unique SaaS vision."

Underscore VC backs entrepreneurs with an aligned community, Underscore Core, designed to fit each startup's unique needs. Skok has also joined the Cazena board of directors alongside Moghe, Board Chairman Jim Baum (formerly CEO of Netezza), and Jit Saxena (formerly founder and Chairman of Netezza).

"We are excited to team up with Michael Skok," added Moghe. "Michael is a thought-leader in the secular shift to cloud, SaaS and automation, having recently backed disruptors like Demandware, Acquia and Salsify."

To experience Cazena's Instant Data Lake, visit

About Cazena:
Cazena makes cloud data lakes easy for all enterprises. Cazena's Instant Data Lake accelerates time-to-analytics and AI/ML from months to minutes. Powered by its patented fully automated data platform, Cazena delivers the first SaaS experience for data lakes. Zero operations required. Founded by Netezza leaders, Cazena is revolutionizing cloud data lakes. Experience your Instant Data Lake at

(1) Gartner: The 2019 Gartner Data and Analytics Adoption Trends found that 39% of respondents are currently using data lakes, and 34% are not using today but plan to within 12 months and 18% are not using today but plan to within 12-24 months. (Source: Gartner "Data Hubs, Data Lakes and Data Warehouses: How They Are Different and Why They Are Better Together," Ted Friedman and Nick Heudecker, 13 February 2020)

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