Inventor and Science Luminary John Warner Joins Zymergen To Accelerate Green Chemistry

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Groundbreaking inventor and chemist John Warner has joined Zymergen, the global science and material innovation company, where he will serve as Distinguished Research Fellow, Sustainability and Green Chemistry, leading outreach, ideation and commercial explorations across industries including electronics, personal care and agriculture. John is a world-renowned leader in green chemistry, with hundreds of patents to his name and a prominent career in academia and industry bringing green chemistry to the mainstream.

"It is a global imperative for the chemical industry to create materials that are higher-performing, economical and healthier for humans and the planet," John shared. "Since helping to introduce the concept of Green Chemistry over 20 years ago, some of the biggest companies on the planet are now using the principles to make safer, lower toxicity products. As an inventor, working with Zymergen offers an exciting opportunity to create a range of transformative products that are simply made better with biology."

In his new role, John will build on his 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and lead the industry transformation of chemistry and materials development through participation in events, media engagements and academic contributions. His primary responsibilities will include connecting molecular and material insights with market opportunities and building relationships in various industries.

John has and continues to advise many major corporations on sustainability practices and will continue to maintain his relationship and counsel clients through the Warner Babcock Institute. He is also the recipient of the Perkin Medal, the highest honor in American industrial chemistry, and created the Green Chemistry Challenge in partnership with the EPA. Already a globally recognized speaker, John's expertise, network and energy will help grow and strengthen Zymergen's ecosystem of innovative partner companies to rapidly deliver on the promise of green chemistry.

"John has long been a partner, friend and inspiration to Zymergen for his breakthrough approaches in a variety of industrial sectors from technologies in neuroscience to construction materials," said Zymergen co-founder and Chief Science Officer Zach Serber. "In many ways, John laid the foundation for Zymergen and other material innovation companies with his 12 Principles for Green Chemistry and groundbreaking career popularizing the field. Best of all, John isn't just a thinker, but also an incredible source of action and innovation. Bringing him onto the team full-time is an honor, and we can't wait to see him drive incredible progress inside our walls and across our customer and partner ecosystem."

"John is a titan of chemistry and an unstoppable force for creating better and safer products," added Dr. Neil Hawkins, President of the Erb Family Foundation and former Chief Sustainability Officer of Dow Chemical. "I look forward to seeing the fruits of his innovative collaborations in solving great sustainability challenges we all face."

John will remain in New England and work from the Zymergen Boston office.

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