Front debuts vision to transform work into impact through customer communication

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Front, the leading Customer Communication Platform, has introduced a bold vision for the future of work in which people throughout organizations will be empowered to make an impact with radically transparent access to customer communication. At a virtual event today, Front co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin debuted the company's plans to build on its foundation as the pioneer of collaborative email and deliver new capabilities for anyone in an organization to view and take action on customer messages, from the same place where they send and receive their regular email.

Today, Front brings all customer messaging, business apps, and internal collaboration together in a single, familiar place -- the email inbox. More than 6,000 businesses are using Front to scale the high-touch communications that lead to exceptional customer experiences and resulting business outcomes. From sales to support, success, and operations, customer-facing teams rely on Front to work together to reply to customers faster, automate busywork, provide visibility, and gain a single source of truth across communication channels and apps.

For example,, one of the fastest growing mortgage lenders, uses Front to make each hand-off between teams completely invisible and deliver a truly unified experience to every customer across every channel of communication. As a result, they are 1200% more productive than the industry average, enabling more people to get quickly pre-approved to buy a home. MNX Global Logistics uses Front to centralize thousands of emails into one universal inbox to ensure fast and successful deliveries of goods ranging from aircraft engines to human organs. Last quarter, the teams using Front at MNX saved 6 hours per team member per week.

"One of the most profound learnings we've uncovered over the years of building Front is that no matter how well-equipped one team is, on their own, they will inevitably reach the limits of what they can control," said Collin. "Almost always, different teams need to lean on each other. Using the familiar interface of the email client, Front is uniquely suited to make that kind of collaboration possible and give everyone in a company the chance to impact the customer experience."

Giving people across organizations the opportunity to impact the customer experience doesn't just lead to happier customers, it yields more engaged teams too. Only about half of employees are engaged in their work today. Looking specifically at millennials, the largest generation in the workforce today, more than half of them are actively disengaged at work.

Last year, Front conducted ethnographic research to better understand how people want to feel at work and learned that having a great experience with work is not about being more productive. Instead, it's about making an impact.

Over the next 18 months, Front plans to enhance its Customer Communication Platform to help companies build the strongest relationships with the most loyal customers, at a scale they never thought possible. All while ensuring individuals across organizations are aware of the needs and challenges faced by their customers, so that everyone can better understand the meaning of their work and make more of an impact.

Front's product vision for its Customer Communication Platform includes:

    --  The best email client for work: Front will continue to invest in
        delivering a robust, powerful, yet simple-to-use email client that every
        person in an organization will want to use.
    --  A complete picture of all communication: With communication fragmented
        across apps today, important conversations tend to get lost, are
        unsearchable, or are not tied to the activity that inspired them. So
        whether it's written or spoken or in video; asynchronous like an email
        is, or synchronous like a chat conversation should be; 1:1 emails, or
        scaled outbound marketing campaigns, Front will ingest and present all
        of it.
    --  Complete context about a customer: The vast majority of customer-related
        information doesn't live in a CRM, it's spread across communications. So
        in Front, every piece of communication will be connected to a customer
        and a company/account and this data will be actionable via workflows,
        analytics and integrations.
    --  Full read/write access to any customer communication: Point solutions
        have forced individual teams into invisible cloud silos that create
        fragmented customer experiences. Front will break down those silos. With
        the right permissions, anyone will be able to view and respond to any
        communication that is happening across the company, from the same place
        where they send and receive their email.
    --  Automation and reporting across all communications and teams: Instead of
        clunky or inefficient handoffs across teams and incomplete reporting,
        Front will give companies the ability to create workflows and reports
        that span across all forms of communication and teams.
    --  Programmatic access to all customer communications: So that workflows,
        data and communications can be both collected and controlled with a
        single integration, Front will offer a single API for communication
        across a company.

To see and hear more about what Front is building towards, watch the virtual event recording:

About Front
Front powers the heart of business -- the meaningful connections between teams and customers that lead to lasting relationships. Bringing email and apps together in a collaborative customer communication platform, Front drives business impact by scaling the natural conversations that create customers for life. More than 6,000 businesses are using Front today to cultivate personalized customer relationships at scale and transform their work into impact. Learn more at

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