HashCash's Blockchain Network to Curate COVID Patient Records Across the USA

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The leading blockchain development company, HashCash Consultants is extending its proficiency in decentralized technology by aiding hospitals and healthcare organizations across the USA. The company is leveraging its blockchain network HC Net to record and curate medical data of COVID patients over a distributed and interoperable network. The project will ensure the security and accessibility of medical records across the network for a streamlined healthcare system while allowing patients to maintain the privacy of their data.

"In the wake of the pandemic, the lack of interoperability of medical records, and robust digital architecture to curate essential patient data has emerged as one of the major drawbacks within the existing system. HashCash is working with multiple healthcare organizations to streamline the process and create a unified infrastructure with blockchain to mitigate the existing issues and build a futuristic system to avoid repeating the same," commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants

Most of the healthcare organizations are still managing their operations through outdated and siloed infrastructure that complicates the diagnosis process, making it time-consuming. The use of a centralized database for storing patient records and medical data poses the risk of a single point of failure, identity thefts, financial frauds, and likewise. The centralized architecture leads to a lack of medical interoperability across multiple healthcare organizations, a problem that has majorly affected the COVID-19 response across the country.

HashCash's Blockchain Solution to Streamline Patient Record Keeping:

HashCash's scalable blockchain services and products address the healthcare woes directly, offering sustainable and futuristic solutions benefitting both the organizations and the patients. With their new health care venture, the company plans to create a decentralized and distributed architecture, which will process, authenticate, store, and mine medical records and data for future reference. Initially, they intend to apply the process to curate COVID patient records. But, later on, it will be extended to the overall medical record and patient management system.

The entire infrastructure will be built leveraging the scalability of HC Net, collaborating with multiple hospitals and healthcare organizations across the US. All essential data will be collected, and patient records will be authenticated with blockchain digital identity by individual organizations. It will be stored on the distributed network for other participants to access the relevant data easily and quickly whenever needed in case of referrals or case studies. The use of cryptographic encryption will ensure the security and privacy of the information. The immutability of blockchain will make sure that the information, once recorded, cannot be tampered with. For any change in data, a new entry will have to be made in the ledger.

While the organizations will have the public key for access, patients will be provided with a private key so that they have absolute control over their medical records and that it cannot be used unfairly. In the later stage of the project, HashCash will also help in data mining of the medical records of COVID patients to continue research on the disease. The participants within the network will be able to access the records and refer to the same for clinical trials as well.

About HashCash Consultants:

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