Virtual Testing Is Driving a Fast and Furious Need for Academic Integrity

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Open LMS, the world's largest Moodle-based SaaS solution, announced a partnership today to offer academic institutions access to Smowltech's virtual proctoring tool (SMOWL). The SMOWL proctoring tool is one of many that seamlessly integrates with the Open LMS platform; however, the partnership between the two providers leverages efficiencies from both companies to allow for usage of the SMOWL e-proctoring tool and the superior customer support from the Open LMS and SMOWL team at no cost to educational institutions through the remainder of 2020.

In such a complex and changing world, academic institutions worldwide are rebuilding their learning programs to support a fully virtual experience. Part of that experience includes virtual proctoring, which requires technology and protocols to maintain the same rigor of onsite learning. From small, formative 10-minute quizzes for a couple of users to certification exams being administered to tens of thousands of students, academic institutions are dealing with greater demand than ever for online testing.

"We want to play our part in helping our customers manage all aspects of the virtual learning experience, and administering quizzes and tests will determine much of their success as a virtual learning provider. We chose Smowltech to partner with us to provide our customers with not only a no-cost e-proctoring tool because of its deep integration with Moodle, but also because of the superior customer values that the Smowltech team upholds," says Phill Miller, Managing Director, Open LMS.

Open LMS sought out a solution for its customers to ensure academic integrity, seamless integration with Moodle technology, and little to no impact on faculty, staff and budget. Vetting technology providers and establishing protocol are efforts that many institutions do not have the time or budget to explore as they prepare for the reopening of school in a matter of weeks. The Open LMS-SMOWL partnership lets institutions focus on the content and experience that they will provide to their virtual learners and leaves the technology and data privacy management to trusted providers.

"The synergy that we have created together is due in large part to the common belief that we have to achieve a world with access to academic integrity and quality education, by decreasing the barriers that prevent it, thus creating better opportunities for everyone. We are sure that solutions like ours really have a positive impact on the lives of users. Sharing this type of values, which are the basis of our business at Smowltech, allows us to continue innovating and improving the quality of our service under the same line," states Ricardo Vea, CEO of Smowltech.

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Smowltech is a company that emerged in 2012 with the intention of solving the needs for integrity in online evaluations. Its mission is to contribute to the integrity of its clients' evaluations as a vector for growth and development, while reducing the technological complexity of monitoring systems and simplifying the use for users.

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