Teachers Are Heroes--edHelper Celebrates Teachers Returning to School by Offering Free Distance Learning Resources

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Teachers have always been heroes, but parents and communities have never appreciated educators more than during the COVID-19 pandemic. All schools, whether they are physically opening in the fall, providing online-only classes, or offering a combination of the two, will be relying on teachers to provide their expertise and, in many cases, to put their lives on the line to educate our students.

Our educators are heroes, and they deserve support, whether they are returning to the classroom or not. The school shutdowns in the spring, coupled with the traditional summer slide, will likely leave students further behind than we have seen in decades. The area in which students traditionally experience the greatest learning loss over the summer is math. Teachers are struggling to make up for last year's lost instruction and still have enough time to cover all of the standards for this year. That is why edHelper has launched free distance learning tools, https://www.edhelper.com/distance-learning-resources-for-teachers.htm, for teachers.

edHelper Offers Traditional Math Workbooks With Targeted Online Distance Learning Games

edHelper is the only place where online learning games are offered with relevant math workbooks. These workbooks can help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to learn new math concepts. They can practice their new skills by playing a relevant math game online, eliminating the need for parents and teachers to search for games that match the skills being taught.

Unlike other online math games that must be downloaded with an app and played on a tablet or a cell phone, edHelper's distance-learning games can be accessed immediately on any computer and played right away through the Let's Play app. Kids can practice math online at https://www.edhelper.com/math-games.htm, or they can use the free iPhone/iPad edHelper app to practice math skills.

About edHelper

As a provider of educational resources for over twenty years, edHelper has offered educators and parents resources in the areas of math, language arts, and reading with free and affordable digital workbooks, worksheets, and online activities that are targeted toward students in preschool through high school.

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