Grid4C Selected as One of the Most Promising Startups by TheMarker

Grid4C, a leader in AI and Machine Learning solutions for the energy industry, announced today it has been selected as one of Israel's most promising startups in 2020 by TheMarker magazine. The leading financial magazine highlights it has selected top companies that are tackling the biggest challenges humanity is facing.

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Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Grid4C Founder and CEO (Photo: Korey Howell)

Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Grid4C Founder and CEO (Photo: Korey Howell)

“We are honored to be selected as one of the most promising startups in 2020 by a leading financial magazine such as TheMarker, especially with the recognition for developing and selling solutions that have an impact and make a real difference in the world for the better," said Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Grid4C Founder and CEO. “It’s encouraging to see Grid4C is recognized for addressing climate change and working towards a more sustainable future.”

Selected as a leader in AI solutions for utilities by market research firms such as Greentech Media and Navigant Research, Grid4C is working with the biggest utilities on four continents, delivering billions of predictions daily for millions of meters. The company’s analytics solutions leverage a prowess in AI and data science to provide utilities with accurate, real-time, and reliable predictions for their operations and customer-facing applications. The company’s capabilities use smart meter and IoT data to predict, detect, and diagnose faults and inefficiencies for grid assets and home appliances, without the need for hardware or sensor installations. The company’s solutions improve operational planning and load forecasting, reduce peak demand, increase energy savings, optimize demand response (DR), deliver new revenue streams, and increase customer engagement. Grid4C is currently working with the leading smart meter vendors to embed its algorithms inside the smart meters, at the edge of the grid, where the data is more granular, and predictions are even more accurate and timely.

About Grid4C

Grid4C empowers energy providers and consumers by enabling the power to foresee, leveraging advanced Machine Learning capabilities to deliver accurate, granular predictions, which are crucial for tackling the rising challenges of today's energy industry. Grid4C's plug-and-play solutions analyze the massive amounts of sub-hourly data collected from millions of smart meters and IoT data, and together with customer data, weather data and more, delivers new revenue streams, enhances customer value, improves the efficiency of energy operations, and maximizes profit. Its portfolio consists of Predictive Home Advisor, which includes non-intrusive household appliance fault detection and load disaggregation capabilities, Predictive Operational Analytics, enabling better decisions for coordination of DERs with meter, sub-meter, and asset-level forecasting, Predictive Customer Analytics, which predicts adoption of new rate plans and utility programs, and more.

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