Silvus Technologies Develops Low Observable Communications Waveform

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Silvus Technologies, Inc. was recently awarded OPTION funding under a Research & Development project by the U.S. Army's C5ISR Center located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The contract worth over $2M is entitled "Protected Communications for Manned/Unmanned Teams" or PCM. The project is intended to develop high-throughput, secure, and low observable communications capabilities for manned/unmanned teaming operations.

In the BASE effort of the PCM contract, Silvus developed a waveform that enables enhanced LPI/LPD operation. In the current OPTION effort, Silvus is integrating many of its recently developed capabilities to operate in conjunction with the PCM waveform's LPI/LPD functions. These include:

    1. Silvus' MANET-Interference Avoidance (MAN-IA) module that enables
       tactical radios to shift their operating frequency when communications
       are degraded by interference
    2. Silvus' new MANET-Interference Cancellation (MAN-IC) module that enables
       tactical radios to spatially filter out interference
    3. Silvus' new MANET-Power Control (MAN-PC) module that allows the radios to
       control their transmit power to enable more discreet communications

"The result of this effort," said Dr. Babak Daneshrad, Founder and CEO of Silvus Technologies, "will be a robust waveform running on Silvus' StreamCaster radios that brings together a powerful suite of anti-jam and LPI/LPD functions to enable robust, secure communications for the warfighter in congested and contested environments."

Silvus Technologies is the creator of the Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform, a mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) capability that leverages the latest advances in MIMO technology to improve throughput and robustness. This capability is at the heart of the Silvus StreamCaster radios, a family of MIMO-enabled tactical radios. Recently, it was selected as the MANET radio solution for Phase 2 of the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Robotic Combat Vehicle (NGCV RCV) program with orders of approximately $3M thus far.

The PCM effort is expected to continue through fall 2020, and will culminate in a series of field demonstrations. Silvus will continue to mature the technology to rapidly bring these new capabilities to market.

About Silvus Technologies, Inc.
Privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, Silvus Technologies develops advanced MIMO technologies that are reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission critical applications. Backed by an unmatched team of PhD scientists and design engineers, its technologies provide enhanced wireless data throughput, interference mitigation, improved range, mobility, and robustness to address the growing needs of its government and commercial customers.

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