YouVeda Takes Total Body Health to a New Level

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- YouVeda is changing the way supplements are packaged and sold with their user-friendly, customizable packs and kits. Founded in 2018, YouVeda is set to debut their line of specialty health and wellness products to a larger retail audience by the end of 2020, but they have already compiled an impressive amount of industry buzz. YouVeda makes products utilizing traditional Ayurvedic practices, enhanced by modern innovation and packaged in easy to use kits.

Ayurvedic practices originated over five thousand years ago and generally refer to a traditional type of diet, practice, and treatments that address the body in a holistic way. This means they observe the entire body and its overall health, rather than narrowing in on specific ailments as they arise.

Ayurvedic practice teaches that the body has a tendency towards intrinsic balance and that this balance can be maintained through careful upkeep of the body's flow of energy. While every human body has its own set of challenges and needs, Ayurveda supports the body's ability to recover from ailments and illnesses and maintain health.

Some basic practices of an Ayurvedic diet include eating according to your energy type, or your dosha. Different types of Doshas include Veta, Pitta, and Kapha. Another tenant is incorporating the six different "tastes" in every meal including sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and acrid. Though the principles of an Ayurvedic diet may sound complex, the concept is simply to eat with the natural flow of your body's needs and include a variety of flavors and nutrients in each meal. Eating different flavors, satisfying different dietary requirements helps keep the body in a balanced state, so it is more capable of absorbing nutrients.

YouVeda's My Healthy supplement kits are designed to make it easy to get the exact right combination of supplements for every customer. The kits each have a different supplement focus, like Mood, Digestion, Joints, Body, and Immunity, but rather than acting on just one aspect of an ailment, the kits are designed to make upkeep simple and tangible.

The kit comes with supplement combinations, each portioned into their own daily packets, so there is no pill counting. Individual pill packets are ideal for travel, as they are sealed and clearly marked, but YouVeda says they've experienced substantial popularity among people with a busy schedule who just need an easier way to add to their supplemental health routine.

While the company has been consistently recognized both by industry peers and customers for their innovative products, founder Gunny Sodhi says his vision for YouVeda is bigger than just retail success. The company's guiding principle has been helping people achieve health, but they also have a strong focus on maintaining sustainable growing and harvesting practices for all of their Ayurvedic herbs. "We support fair wages and sustainable practices for the farmers who harvest our ingredients," says Sodhi, "And we also work with local forestry departments to ensure a healthy economic ecosystem."

YouVeda embodies their mission in every aspect of their process, from sustainable growing practices to variety in their supplement range, and their holistic take on maintaining the health and wellness of their customers, and their business. YouVeda is a company to watch, look for them as they expand throughout the U.S. market in 2020.

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