Lynda Tussey, PhD joins Vaxess Technologies as Chief Development Officer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Vaxess Technologies, a preclinical biotechnology company developing a pipeline of vaccines and therapeutics on the MIMIX smart release patch, has recently appointed Dr. Lynda Tussey to the position of Chief Development Officer. Dr. Tussey is a veteran vaccine developer with over twenty years of experience in the field. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in clinical translation that will help advance Vaxess into Phase I clinical trials in 2021.

"Vaccine development is complex, particularly with Vaxess's ambitious goals of enabling next generation vaccines that are shelf-stable, self-applied, and more protective," said Vaxess CEO Michael Schrader. "Lynda's demonstrated success in advancing novel vaccines and therapeutics is perfectly suited for leading Vaxess into Phase I clinical trials next year."

Dr. Tussey previously worked with Vaxess as a consultant through Crozet Biopharma, where she served as the Head of Immunology and Translational Medicine and was responsible for formulating and implementing nonclinical, translational, and early clinical development strategy. Prior to Crozet, Dr. Tussey held various positions during her 13-year tenure at the VaxInnate Corporation, including Chief Scientific Officer, where she oversaw the discovery and clinical stage activities of the company. Prior to VaxInnate, Dr. Tussey held leadership roles at Purdue Pharma, Merck Research Labs, and GSK.

"I look forward to working with the Vaxess team to advance their MIMIX smart release patch into clinical trials," said Lynda Tussey, PhD. "Its sustained release properties have the potential to improve vaccine efficacy while the self-applied feature will provide greater access to life-saving vaccines."

Vaxess is currently developing a seasonal protection patch to deliver vaccines for both COVID and seasonal flu. The patch will use the company's sustained release MIMIX platform, and offers the only shelf-stable, self-applied approach to addressing an endemic COVID. Dr. Tussey will serve as an invaluable resource as Vaxess advances the MIMIX patch toward clinical trials.

About the MIMIX Smart Release Patch Platform

Medicine delivery, redefined. The MIMIX patch delivers medicines and vaccines through a number of tiny, painless projections that dissolve at a precisely engineered rate, releasing their treatment at its most effective dose for the most beneficial length of time. Vaxess has validated performance and compatibility with a range of molecules including proteins, killed viruses, mRNA, hormones, and live viruses.

More effective medications start with MIMIX. The MIMIX platform dramatically improves efficacy of products across a broad range of therapeutic areas by "mimicking" the prolonged exposure period that occurs during a natural infection. This prolonged exposure triggers a stronger and more enduring immune response.

Seamlessly painless. The MIMIX patch is virtually painless and after wearing it for few minutes, it's removed from the skin while the medication continues to be delivered.

About Vaxess Technologies

Vaxess Technologies is a biotechnology company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company is developing its proprietary sustained release smart delivery technologies to meet the need for more efficacious and easy to administer medical products.

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